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High School Crush  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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( stupid imagination)

I couldn’t sleep at all still eating the first corn and after eating it i
want to eat the other when I remember I shove it into David’s
mouth earlier. Well whatever I started eating it though but The
more I look at this the more it look like an indirect kiss. I quickly
get rid of my stupid imaginations. I quickly eat everything
whatever I can’t let him get into my head again.
The next morning I was early so david and I will not cross paths.
But the cat my mouse is running away from stood like a
stumbling block in my face already waiting for me what is this?
I didn’t talk and he didn’t either we just walk in silence till we get
to school.
“ I’m sorry ” he said when we get to the the school gate.
Oh my goodness! today issa party almighty invincible David
apologize lemme start dancing which soap did I use to bath
today? I better keeping using it. The David I know will never talk
to me not to talk of apologize.
“ for what? ” I quickly feign ignorance.
“ what I said yesterday you know I was just joking I didn’t mean
to hurt your feelings ” he said and my heart melt.
My people please tell me I heard wrong just tell me I heard
wrong. David told me he don’t want to hurt my feelings, there is
no paradise compared to this. The butterflies that always flutter
in my stomach multiply in thousands fold. I was so happy that I
didn’t notice when Janelle was greeting me.
She hit me hard and I gain my senses but still smiling like an


“ what’s the occasion this morning?” Janelle asked and I’m still
smiling like a sheep.
“ hey people will think you are mad ” she hit me.
“ am I smiling? Me smiling? ” my smile is now turning to
“ hope you didn’t fall and hit your brain? ” she asked while I
“ oh okay something must be wrong with you ” Janelle
“ actually for the first time in my life david apologize to me ” I
“ for what? ” Janelle asked and I told her everything. She also
smiled saying I’ve made a lot of progress.
“ my queen Janelle how are you? ” chris said behind us then
Janelle hiss.
“ what’s going on between you guys? ” I asked .
“ Janelle is my queen just like you are a queen to Eric ” chris
said and I hit him.
“ what if david hear you? ” I said as I pull his ears.
“ what you girls don’t know is that you are blinded by your one
sided crush that you can’t see the one who truly loves you ” he
said but I don’t find it funny.
“ seriously nikky are you going to stand here talking with a
senseless person? ” Janelle said angrily and that’s when I know
the statement was meant for her. Poor chris, we are in the same
boat of one sided crush.
“ hi david ” I hear that stupid annoying voice I hate so much.

Isabella! Why do you have to ruin my happy day?
As expected David ignore her, oh oh oh abeg lemme laugh jare.
Sisi Bella can never get my boo because he is mine and mine
always. Oh that’s a stupid imagination though he was never
mine. Anyway Isabella clap for yourself you have succeed in
ruining my happy mood. Congratulations.

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