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His Secret (The magical spell) - Season 1 - Episode 28
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Epi twenty_six[/b]
“Ke…Kelly please don’t leave me, I can’t
leave without you, I swear I didn’t go out
with anyone for the past three years, I just
wanted to give it a try today and I am
already regretting it” I said now crying.
“I’ve made my decisions, thanks for saving
me I would be going now” he said leaving
and I felt as if my world just crumbled.

To my surprise he came back drew me
closer to himself and started kissing me

I responded immediately because I’ve
missed his touch so much.
“Lilly I’ve really missed you a lot” he said
trying to catch his breath.
“then why do you want to leave me?” I

“I was only kidding, am sorry for making
you cry, I was scared that you don’t love
me anymore and I don’t think that I can
hold on any longer” he said I breathed a
sigh if relief.

I wanted to speak but he cut me off with a

He kissed me so passionately as if his life
depended on it.
“let’s go to the room” I managed to say.
“it’s too far, am dying inside” he said and I

Soon I was naked and he took me to the
dining table clearing all the plates on the
table and they fell to the ground and got

We continued the kiss after some time he
cut the kiss and went to my nipples that
where already aching for his lips.
I held his hair as I dipped my fingers into it.
I let out slight m0ans because it felt so

He winded my legs as he used his tongue

to lap the juice that was already coming

“oh my god, aaarrch” I m0aned loudly this
time coiling my legs.
I couldn’t hold on anything because the
table was empty.

He went for my lips again and I wrapped
my hand around his neck as I deepened the
kiss just then he inserted his finger inside
of me and I m0aned into his mouth.
“Kelly…. F--k… Geez” I said at a time
holding his shirt tightly while staring
directly into his eyes.

I wanted to speak but nothing was coming

When he removed his mouth, he took me
to the couch and threw me on it.
He widened my legs and was about
penetrating inside but I stopped him.
“not yet” I said kissing him.

I went down and took his d**k into my
mouth giving him a blow job.

After some time I deep throated him and
he held my hair.

Kellys pov

She was f-----g good, she really did it like
an expert.

After some time I felt my c-m building up.
“just like that” I said.
Just as I was about to release she removed
her mouth.

She did it several times and I started
begging her to allow me to c-m.
When she later did that, I released several
times and it was so good.

Soon she started jerking me up again.
I inserted my d**k inside of her before
increasing my pace.

Her m0an!ng filled the whole house and I
loved it that way because it makes me
want to do more.

When my hand got to her c------s while
riding her, her m0an!ng became times two.
“Kelly I want to c-m” she kept saying
After some time we both released as we
collapsed on the sofa.

Ruth pov
I came to Kellys house just to see the
surprise of my life.

Kelly was back and he was really eating her
down there.

The way he did it made me wet.

I really need my boyfriend right now I said
to myself.

I actually came to tell her that her soon to
be date got into an accident.

……At Kelly’s kingdom…….

After the hot sex, I took Lilly to show her
my home town.

She really loved it.
“prepare us dinner” I said to my servant.
“I would prepare it” Lilly said.
I didn’t want to but she was too persistent.

Elliot and his date where at the dining and I
joined them.

Soon Lilly served us food before sitting

Immediately I ate the food, everyone
except Lilly became afraid of my reaction
because there was ginger in it.

I stood up trying to leave the table because
I didn’t want to hurt her but to my surprise
she ran to me held my ear and started
leading back to the dining as I winched in
“you better eat it or else, I won’t open my
legs” she threatened and I ran to the table
and started eating food shocking everyone.

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