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His Secret (The magical spell) - Season 1 - Episode 23
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I ran deep into the forest when I have
gotten far, I changed to my normal self.
“why me?” I shouted and I could hear the
echo of my voice.

I sat down on the ground feeling dejected.
“please save our people” my parents words
echoed in my ears.

“am sorry for failing you guys” I said
wiping my tears.

…..Lilly’s pov…..

I woke up with a slight headache just you
see myself on my bed.
“how did I get here?” I asked myself.
“Kelly” I shouted after recalling what
happened the previous day.

I stood up and rushed out of my room and
I mistakenly bumped into ruth.
“finally she’s back” Ruth said happily.
“did I travel before?” I asked.
“I don’t know, I just said so because I
haven’t seen you for a week” she said and I became shocked.
“it seems that I’ve been out for long” I said
in thought.

“Ruth I would be right back” I ran out, took
a cab and headed straight to Kellys house.
When I got there, he had changed the lock.
“how could he this” I asked myself biting
my lips.

I’ve searched for him everywhere but
couldn’t find him.

It been days already and I was so worried.
“should i go to the forest?” I asked myself.
“it’s too dangerous” I said to myself.
After staying for a while, I couldn’t hold it
anymore so I took some food with me and
water and started my journey into the

I’ve gone so deep and I haven’t seen any
trace of him.

I wanted to move when I saw a cobra.

My Heart started beating fast.
“if I don’t die today, then I won’t die again”
I said swallowing hard.

The snake lay flat and started crawling
away.”thank goodness that it didn’t see
me” I breathed a sigh of relief before
taking to my heels.

It was getting dark and I knew that I
couldn’t go back now.
“lord thank you for giving us the moon to
produce light during night” I said to

The moon light shun so brightly and it
made me see where I was going just then I
saw Kelly.

I ran to where he is and hugged him, he
looked at me in fear and it seems that he
wasn’t happy to see me.
“Lilly you have to leave now” I begged
trying to push her away.
“are you scared of your aunt? Am not
leaving you ever again” she said

“it’s not because of my aunt, have you
forgotten what I told you about the full
moon?” he asked.

“I don’t care about it and I am not scared,
what matters is that I’ve finally found
you?” I said flashing him a smile.
“go away” he begged but I refused
“I won’t go, not now and not tomorrow, I
want to be with you with you even when
you face difficulties” I said.
“go now please” he screamed making me
scared but instead I walked to where he

He was changing and I could feel see it.
His eyes where red and he was becoming

Finally he was in his animal form.
I’ve seen him change to an animal before
but not like this.

The look on his face was different.
I went closer to him knelt down and
touched his animal nose.
“you don’t like seeing me get hurt right?” I asked him knowing fully well that he won’t
answer me.

“you hurt those that caused me pain, so if
you hurt me, get ready to face that pain” I
said smiling.

I kissed his fur.
“come back to me, I’ve missed your touch,
you remember the day that you confessed
your feelings for me, the look on your face
looked so funny” I said now laughing.
I kept saying many things to him and I
knew that he was battling with his mind.
He dived me and I fell on the ground.
“wow my boyfriend wants to have sex
with me even in his animal form” I said
smiling but inside I was kinda scared.

The next thing I saw was that he fell of my
body and kept moving back soon a bright
light shun and I closed my eyes.
When I opened them, I saw Kelly now in his
human form but his dressing was kinda
different, his hair was long and parked

The hair pin on his head looks so expensive
and pretty.

I ran to where he was but he just lay still.

…….Kellys pov……

“it’s the full moon again” I said to myself
sadly just then I heard my name and my
heart skipped.

I was shocked to see Lilly, I looked at the
moon and I knew that the time has come.
“go away now” I begged as I kept sweating

“I won’t go away I want to be with you
even when you face difficulties” she said.

The moon was full my hands were

“go now please” I screamed but instead
she came closer and closer.
If I change then I won’t spare her.
This time my eyes turned red and I was

When in this state, my human mind is shut
so that I won’t spare anyone.
Her words made me start trying to fight
the animal.

I wanted to charge at her but her words
where so powerful and it was having effect
on me.

Even when I charged at her, she managed
to control me.

Something pushed me off her body and it
was as if my body was breaking and I felt
as if something left me.

I was so weak and it made me pass out.

The next day

“why isn’t Kelly opening his eyes” I asked
myself getting scared.
The sun was rising and it shun on his eyes
but he didn’t wake up just then he turned
and it made me so happy.
“Kelly are you okay?” I asked wiping my

“am okay” he said hugging me.
“are you with your phone?” he asked.
“yes” I replied.
I brought it out and gave it to him.
“finally I am free” he shouted happily.
“how” I asked because I was confused.
He explained everything to me and I was so

“why didn’t tell me about it” I asked him.
“I was scared of loosing you” I replied.
“am so happy for you”
“it’s time to face my aunt” he said.
“tell me that you aren’t serious?” I asked.
“I am more than serious” he replied.
“am not letting you go, what if she hurt
you again” I said fearfully.
“that was before not anymore, the
moment I gained my freedom, everything
that I lost was restored to me” he replied.
“stop bragging” I said.
“am not bragging, I would prove it to you”
he said just then I bowed to him.
“Kelly why am I bowing down” I asked
trying to stand upright but couldn’t.
“that’s because I just told you to do so” he

“but you didn’t say it” I said.
“I don’t tell you, after you might have done
it, then you would realise that I used my

My aunt snap her fingers etc, I don’t do so.
Haven’t you heard that people that don’t
talk are more dangerous because you don’t
know what they have in mind” he

“fine but please just free me” I begged.

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