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His Secret (The magical spell) - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I both started leaving the forest together
when we came across a field that was filled
with dead grass just then stared to bloom.
“wow, did you just do that? ” Lilly asked.
“yes, my aunt take but can’t give, I give
and I take” I replied.

“that’s nice, you also used it to heal me
back then” she said.
“yeah, I never believed that it would
workout, bug my love for you healed you”
I replied.

When we got home it was night already so
we just had dinner and prepared to sleep.
“you would be leaving tomorrow right?”
she asked sadly.

“I would be back so please don’t feel bad
okay?” I said touching her cheeks.
“how come your aunt didn’t die after two
hundred and something years or don’t you
guys age?” she asked.
“when my aunt cursed me, she used your
time and not ours” I replied.
“I don’t understand” she said giving me a
confused look.

“a hundred and fifty years here is like 8
years in my place that’s why we don’t age
quick” I explained
“okay, I see” she said shaking her head

…..Lilly’s pov…..

“I would go wash up” I said excusing

I’ve not taken my bath since this morning
and my body is doing me some how.
“am really going to miss him” I said sadly
pouring water on my face.

The door opened and Kelly walked in.
He dropped his towel and walked to where
I was.

“aren’t you taking your bath anymore?” he
asked taking the sponge and applying the

soap on it.

“I was about doing so” I said in a low tune.
“I would bath you myself” he said smiling.
After bathing me, I did same to him.
“wow don’t stop washing down there” he

“you are such a pervert” I said smiling.
He washed up and we both went back to
the room together.
“let’s sleep like this” he suggested and I
couldn’t help but to laugh.
“how can we sleep naked, you aren’t
serious right?” I asked
“I am more than serious, I want to feel
your body next to mine” he said kissing my

After much hesitation, I joined him on the
bed making him smile.
Deep down I was trying to hide my tears
from him.

I lay very close to him and I could feel his
erection pressing on my butt.
“don’t think of crying because it weakens
me” he said and it made the tears flow

“my wish finally came through, I would
fulfill my parents last wish and redeem my
people” he said and I knew that he gave a
sad smile…..

“goodnight and sweet dreams I love you so
much” he kissed my and cover us properly
since it was cold.

“how can he be leaving tomorrow without
us doing it for the last time?” I asked

I can’t believe that Kelly wants to sleep I
said to myself giving a short laugh.
“what was that for?” he asked
“nothing” I replied.
“I want to feel you inside of me for the last
time before you leave” I said still not facing

“don’t you want to look at me?” he asked.
“I don’t want to, am afraid that I may
break down” I replied cleaning my tears.
I felt him lift my leg as he entered me

My grip on the bed cover tightened because
this feeling was so good……….

……..The next morning……….

I woke up early so that I can see him
before he left.

When I turned, he was no longer on the

I stood up in order to search for him when
my eyes caught a white note that was
neatly wrapped.
“meeting you was the best thing that has
ever happened to me, he to be frank am so
grateful to that lecturer that brought us

I was kinda lost before you came, but you
pulled me back together and changed my

Without you in my life, my story wouldn’t
had been complete.

Thanks a lot for helping me.

I left without letting you know because I
don’t want to watch you cry.

Don’t cry much, be happy, don’t keep late
night, avoid night parties because I don’t
want you to get drunk. Cover yourself
properly and don’t put on bikini when
going to swim.

My cars, my house and everything I have
now belongs to you. Leave life to the
fullest while waiting for me.

I would really miss you, but just know that
I would always love you” I couldn’t help
but to cry and laugh.

I regretted not looking at his face last
“I would miss you too” I said crying my
eyes out.

Immediately I stepped my foot in my
kingdom, I saw plenty soldiers staring at
me and was ready for attack.

They all started fell down and went into a
deep sleep.

“when you wake up you would be free
from Valarie spells.
“no one would be able to leave or enter
this kingdom until the battle is over” I said
touching the ground before leaving.
“I said that intentionally because I know
that my aunt might want to try something
“those guards are so useless” I said
breaking the glass vase that was near me.
“Kelly can’t see me here or else I would be
doomed” I said in fear.

“I would have to get Lilly that’s way I can
stop him” I said to myself.

When I got to the boundary the boundary
in order to go bring Lilly, I couldn’t pass.
I tried using my powers but it didn’t

“Kelly is just too wise, Valarie think of
something else” I said hitting my forehead.
“I have to go into hiding for now” said to
myself because that was the only way to
avoid being killed by him” I said to myself.

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