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Honest Illusion - Season 1 - Episode 12
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“C-Chris” Oprah stuttered, confused.

He cast a malicious glance at the guy beside Oprah. He looked too handsome to be a genuine brother. Must be one of them hypocrites who acted pious in church but committed worse crimes outside church, Chris thought with disgust.

“Come on girlfriend, introduce me to your fellow brethren,” his tone had the right amount of sacarsm and he watched with satisfaction as Oprah riveted her gaze on the ground in obvious embarrassment.

“Hello, I’m Seye Akintunde, you must be Christopher,” he said in one of the most cultured English accents Chris had heard, he surely had to be faking it

Chris sneered at him, “I prefer Chris. I’d really love to stay and chit-chat but I haven’t got the time. I’m here for Oprah, bae, let’s go home.”

“Oh how marvelous, we happen to be on our way home too. You see, I stay in the same lodge with Oprah so I wanted us to walk home together. But now you’re here, you’re welcome to join us.” Chris didn’t like Seye’s smug smile and confidence.

“You really shouldn’t bother, Seyi or was it Seun?”

“Seye.” Oprah said from beside him. “And like he said, we were on our way home. Your lodge is just across, I don’t want you to go out of your way at this time of the night. Good night Chris.”

Chris was furious but he watched helplessly as they both walked away. He glared once more at Seye’s retreating figure. Something about him seemed odd and out of place. Were brethren this friendly in RCF? He doubted it. Something definitely smelt fishy about this.


“I don’t know what to say,” Oprah began after they had walked some distance away from Chris.

“Your boyfriend?”
Oprah nodded. “I didn’t know he would be waiting outside church to cause such a scene.”

“Was he the reason you could not make it to church on Sunday?”

Oprah nodded again. “Its crazy because Chris isn’t always like this, today’s just__”
“Its all right Oprah, it happens.” Seye said and reassured her with a smile.

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