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I am Not A Gay - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Mark called the ambulance and it was only
a matter of seconds before they arrived
Jung woo was carried in a stretcher why i
couldn’t control my tears

What going on
Why is all this happening to me
Why jung woo of all people
‘Jung woo please stay with me you will be
fine okay ‘I said as jung woo is being
pushed on a stretcher all the way to the
operation theater

‘ am sorry ma’m but you can’t come in ‘the
nurse said
‘ what but I need to be with him, I need to
Stand by him, please don’t make me stay
outside, please I beg of you ‘I begged the
nurse crying
‘ no ma’m you have to stay here ‘
‘ SOMIN just stay here ‘caleb said as he
pulled me back
‘ don’t touch me, this is all your fault, if
anything happens to jung woo I swear i
won’t forgive you ‘I said
I don’t know why am so angry with them
right now

Am just angry with everyone
I am angry with everybody including
If jin hoo hadn’t come back in my life
maybe jung woo wouldn’t have raped me,
maybe he wouldn’t have been beaten so
badly by my brothers,maybe he wouldn’t
be run over by that car why jung woo..

I will die if he does
I should have known this
I was so distracted by my stupid
infatuation for jin hoo that I did not realise
I love him

Now i know I do
I don’t know if he feels the same way but I
hope he survives this
Lord please do not let him die
I should have just listened to him
I was so uneasy
Few hours later the doctor came out of the

operation theatre
‘Do.. Do. Doctor how is he’ i asked
‘well the operation was successful, but he
suffered so much internal and injuries, he
loosed a lot of blood before you brought
him here’

‘so what wrong with him now’ I asked
‘he only has few hours left before he dies’
Okay that was the word that killed me
Few hours left

This can’t be true
I walked into jung woo ward and saw him
on the bed
His head was bandaged and he looked so
weak and pale
Ball of tears rolled down my eyes but I
quickly cleaned it with the back of my hand
I slowly walked over to him And held his
hand crying
I felt his grip on my hand so. I am sure he
is not asleep
I wiped my tears away and smiled at him
as he slowly opens his eyes
‘hi’ I said
‘why you crying’ he asked weakly
‘I am not crying, well sorry am crying it just
tears of joy, you know am so happy you
still alive’

‘tears of joy?’
‘yea’ I said as I sat down on the chair near

‘am I gonna die’ he asked
I could not answer him
I do not have the heart to lie to him
Neither can I tell him the truth
I just kept quiet as tears flows freely from
my eyes
‘so am gonna die then’ he said smiling
‘why are u smiling ‘ I said crying
‘i have no one here, I only have wealth that
all, I am not afraid of death’ he said
‘how can you say you have no one What
about grandma, she is outside crying, that
poor woman already loosed her son,
should she loose her grandson too’ i
paused for awhile before saying ‘what
about me, will you leave me behind and go’
I asked

He looked at me and said ‘do I matter to
‘ofcas you do, you matter alot’
‘how?… How do I matter to you ‘
‘you matter because I love you, I love you a
He stares at me and gave me a weak smile
‘why didn’t you say that earlier’ he asked
‘because I did not realise that before’ I
‘then I guess I have a reason to stay now’
he said

‘you not gonna leave me’ I said
‘I promise I won’t’ he said
I slowly moved close to him and kissed him
while he also kissed me back
The kiss was slow and passionate and this
time there was so much love in it
He slowly broke the kiss and said ‘I love
you too SOMIN, a lot’ ‘

I smiled as I looked in his eyes as my tears
falled on his beautiful face
I slowly used my hand to clean it and he
looked at me one more time before saying
‘ I love you so much ‘

I started hearing beep sounds from the life
monitoring machine as jung woo slowly
closed his eyes
‘what going on’ I said

I checked the monitor and the once
zigzagged line turned to straight lines
‘jung, wake up What going on?’ I said as I
started panicking
It was only a matter of time before the
doctor and nurse walked inside and they
pushed me aside..

‘somebody please tell me what going on’ I

The defibrillator (a device that gives an
electric shock to a person heart in order to
make it beat normally again) was placed
on his heart repeatedly but all to no avail
The nurses were holding me back and
after some seconds the doctor gave up on
him and his face was covered with the bed

I felt like they just covered my entire life
the way they covered his face
‘no, no, no, no, no’ he can’t be gone, he
can’t be gone he told me he won’t leave he

promised me ‘I said as I pushed the nurses
away and ran towards him
‘ jungle ‘I said as I romoved the sheet from
his head’ you promised me, you told me
you not going, you tolde you have a reason
to stay now, isn’t that what you said, how
dare you think of leaving me and walking
away, how dare you, jung woo please look
at me, do not leave me please I beg of you,
you told me you will stay then how in the
world how you a-----e, please, please just
wake up and fight with me again, tease
me like you use to but don’t be so cruel by
leaving me alone, please come back ‘I said

‘ he is dead ‘caleb said as he tried to move
me away
‘ don’t touch me jung is not dead, he is not
dead, jung please come back ‘I said as I
placed my head on his chest
I could not feel his heartbeat
Could he really be dead
‘ he is dead min, he is dead ‘mark said
I closed my eyes and started crying on his
‘ sir we have to take the body to the
mortuary now ‘a nurse said
I tightened my grip on his chest and cried
even more
How can he be dead
He is not dead
‘ SOMIN it enough let go ‘my brothers said
I refused to listen to them but I just cried
my heart out on his chest
Jung please come back to me
I said

Immedietly I felt his heart beat again as the
monitoring machine also started going
beep again

I checked it and the straight lines were
back to zigzagged
Immedietly a smile appeared on my face as
I looked at jung woo
He slowly opened his eyes as I smiled at
‘jung woo’ I called his name and this time
around tears of joy flows down my eyes as
I started kissing him on the face before
kissing him on the lips
‘you scared the poop out of me you know’
I said
‘he is alive’ everyone said ‘it a miracle’
. They were all shocked wondering how
my jung is still alive
‘they thought you were dead but I know
you can’t break your promise’ I said and he

‘am sorry i scared you’
‘am happy you back to me’ I said
After a week jung had fully recovered and
was discharged from the hospital
Now am pretty sure I will never leave his
side for anything
The love grew stronger and stronger every

We walked into the mansion and
everywhere was so dark
We flicked the switch and immediately the
light went on we saw grandma and my
brothers tied down in the house
‘what the…..’ before I could finish my
statement I felt a very heavy hand on my
Mouth and when jung turned to see who it
was that grabbed me a gun was pointed
at his head
‘hello baby’ jin hoo whispered in my ear
You jerk
How dare he

A lady walked down from the stairs
She is beautiful by the way
‘Julian’ jung woo said
‘hey jung woo’ she said as she walked
towards him ‘I see you have a very pretty
‘you are behind all this’ he said
‘well though, I was the one who framed
you that day to tarnish your reputation,
remember that night at the hotel, I was
also the one who made your dear wife ex
boyfriend come into your life and destroy
your marriage, i was the one who sent
that video of your wife kissing him to you,
I was the one who told your secretary to
mix a substance in your coffee that made
made you very aggressive, i wonder what
you did to your wife after drinking that
coffee am sure you must have touched in a
way you haven’t before ‘she said laughing’

I made my research and I found out your
marriage was fake and you do not even
sleep on the same bed even though you
sleep in the same room that why i decided
to use you to teach her a little lesson for
helping you and also used that to ruin your
so called marriage, and who do you think
ran you over with that car…. Also me ‘she
said laughing
So jung didn’t do that on purpose
It was all this woman fault
But why did she do that
‘ but what did i do to deserve this, you
were my friend ‘jung said
‘ what did you do, I went down on my
knee and proposed to you years ago but
you rejected me publicly, you said you
weren’t interested in girls and marriage
since then I was always bent on
destroying you and make you pay for
rejecting me years ago, I am gonna kill you
right here right now like I killed doctor
barley for rejecting me’


Julian has always had mental issues
One thing I noticed about her and
overlooked was the fact that her ex
boyfriends always die after dating her
So she killed them because they did not
want her.

. But I was her friend not her boyfriend
Now she wants me dead because I don’t
like her

‘if you can’t be mine you won’t belong to
anyone else but before you die I want you
to see what will happen to your wife right
in front of you… Jinhoo’
Jinhoo smiled and dragged SOMIN to the
big dinning table.

He table was cleared as he forcefully placed
SOMIN on it

‘Now see what happens’ Julian said
‘if you do anything to SOMIN I swear i will.
Kill you, Jinhoo don’t you dare touch her’
Jinhoo smiled at me and pinned SOMIN to
the table as he started kissing her while
she tried to push him away but she

I grabbed the gun from the man pointing
it at my head and shot Jinhoo with it on
the arm

SOMIN quickly stood on her feet to run to
me but Julian grabbed her by the hair
pointing a gun at her
‘drop the gun and i let your darling wife
live’ she said
‘let go of me’ SOMIN said
‘shut your f-----g mouth or I will blow
your brains out’ she said
SOMIN hit her on the nose with her elbow
and she fell on the floor
She wanted to shoot SOMIN while lying on
the floor but she was so quick that she
kicked the gun off her hand
Other goons tried to attack me but I beat
them up badly
SOMIN sat down on Julian tummy and
started punching the hell out of her
‘that what you get for trying to kill my
husband you b---h’ SOMIN shouted still
punching her
‘SOMIN it enough’ I said as I pulled her

Am sure Julian is between dead and alive
by now..

We both hugged each other and i walked
over to release my grandmother and
brothers and we all hugged each other
Poooooooooooommmmmmm that was
the sound of the gun as it shot someone
‘noooooooooooooo’ I shouted as I picked
up the gun and killed shot Juliana

3 years later


‘it been years since you left us, and life had
not been easy without you, I miss you a lot,
I wish I could see you one more time, I
guess there is nothing I can do, but I know
and I am sure I will see you one day, I love
you alot you sacrificed your life for me ‘ I
said as tears rolled down my eyes and I
wiped it ‘I love you’ I said as I dropped
flowers on the graveyard
‘I see you here again’ SOMIN said holding a
flower and our 2 year old boy as she
walked towards grandma grave
Grandma was the one Juliana shot years
ago and Jinhoo SOMIN b.f is busy serving
jail terms ..

She sacrificed
her life for me because the gun was
targeted at me originally before she got in
the way
‘I will always be grateful to you grandma,
you are a real mother and I miss you alot, I
really love you ma’ m ‘SOMIN said as she
dropped the flower
‘ i don’t know you might over other
girlfriends since you not romantic with me
this days ‘ she said
‘and you seriously think I can look at
another girl apart from you’ I said
‘well you might not find me sexy again
since am already a mother’ she said
My hand slowly went under her thin night
dress caressing her thighs in the process
‘tell me is there anyone sexier than you’ I
I did not say that to make her feel happy
I said it cause it the truth
She looks more prettier and sexier than

Her butt and boobs are a bit bigger than
before, her skin is very smooth and her
face very pretty..
She smiled and slowly bent down to kiss
me while she was still seated on my
She was as light as a feather so I could not
really feel her weight on me……

And beside D--n weight I am enjoying

I kissed her back as I placed her hand on
her firm butt
You know what happened after that .
I just hope we are not making another
little monster the present one never let me
spend time with her..
What a selfish little boy

The End

At the end if the day love blossoms and
together they were able to overcome all
odds together..
Sometimes the person you think you love
might not be the right one for you
Sometimes prince charming might be in
Your happily ever after might be so close
to you but you don’t realise

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