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I cheated on my wife - Season 1 - Episode 12
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“Honey…I can explain. Is not what you think. I was not doing anything….i was just….just
The word got stuck again. I was pleading with Bisi to hear me out but she was mad as hell.
At first, I thought she was going to pounced on Abena and start tearing her into pieces but Bisi did not do that.

Her main focus was on me, but it was not entirely my fault. Abena pushed me into the act and Bisi worsen the situation by bringing her to our home.

After Abena wore back her cloth, Bisi stepped out and brought in the kids. She locked the exit door firmly before taking off the key so no one will go out.
She took the kids straight to their room and got them busy with their favourite animation, she came out and closed up their room.

At this time, I guess Abena has gone to get her things so that she can leave the house but Bisi was inside with the keys. She left me and Abena and went back to our bedroom.
Abena came out with her things but couldn’t leave. I was afraid to go inside the room to face Bisi. She was probably crying or sobbing silently in the room because she never thought I will betray her the way I did.

How can I even convince her and undo all my wrongs. How can I make it right again?
A lot of thing has already gone wrong and may never go back to right.

I finally summoned courage to go to the bedroom and my wife was neither crying nor sobbing. She just stood by the window staring out at nothing.

“Honey…is not what you are thinking. When you stepped in you can see that we were not doing anything. My clothes were still on. In fact I was…

Bisi fled like a bee towards me and the next thing was a hot, unimaginable slap on my face. i was still trying to recover from the first slap, another one landed on the same cheek.
“What do you take me for Don Sean? You actually take me for a fool right? I knew it…I just knew it that something was going on. Yesterday, you acted so abnormal and I was convinced within me that something is going on between you and that Abena. You took her to our matrimonial bed and when you heard my voice you decided to hide her in the bathroom yesterday….Don Sean??…

I try to defend myself immediately.
“That is not true, I did not bring her to our matrimonial bed. I was having my bath when she came in uninvited and came straight to the bathroom…I never asked her to…
She interrupted me.

“Shut up! Don Sean, aaah….you? I thought you were different? I was ready to swear with my life that my so called husband was different from other men who mess around outside marriage. I trusted you Don Sean….how could you? I smelled a rat between both of you and decided to set the trap and booommm, you are both caught in my rat trap. I heard almost everything she said to you from outside the door. I knew one way or the other I was going to come in term with the truth if not now maybe later but it came sooner than expected. Don Sean! you allowed me to bring your side chick home for you. You watch me bring her home without saying anything. I thought she was your colleague who needed help to get around Lagos after meeting her in your office….Ooh Don Sean! What kind of man will do such to his family? To his own wife? Only a terrible, heartless man like you. i exposed our kids to her and our home to a serpent who I thought was human being. You wanted her to kill me and my children so that she can have you right? God has exposed all your secrets. I will personally kill her with my bare hands. She messed up with the wrong person and you Don Sean, you will not be spared.…

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