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I cheated on my wife - Season 1 - Episode 13
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I went on my knee begging my wife, my eyes was soiled. I really wanted to show how sorry I am. I can’t do without her and our kids. I know I betrayed her trust and broke her heart. Looking at how angry she is, if Bisi has a gun she will put it straight to my head and kill me.

“Bisi, please…I’m sorry! I wanted to tell you earlier about Abena but i was afraid of what the outcome will be. And this is what I feared most. I met Abena in Abuja some months back and I regret setting my eyes on her ever since. I did not invite her to Lagos or to my office, she came by herself and find her way to my office…

Bisi interrupted.
“And you slept with her in your office? Oh yes…you actually did Don Sean. Her hotel and your office was not enough, you allowed me to bring her home and was so happy when you saw her here. If you were remorseful of your acts you would have asked Abena to leave our home but you never did instead you continued banging each other from where you left off…right under our roof, in our home….Don. Sean! Your side hen was in our home and you did nothing rather you were happy and took her to our matrimonial bed, hide her in our private bathroom and refused to go to church today so that both of you can continue from where you left off yesterday. Don sean…

“Honey… I was not happy having Abena in our home. I try to warn you…I did. You actually allowed her in without informing me. I was afraid that I may ask her to leave and she will decide to expose me. Bisi, I did not take Abena to bed, she came to meet me in our bathroom that was before you came back. I was afraid that you may never forgive me, I could have confessed to you on time. I’m deeply sorry Honey…please forgi…

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