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I cheated on my wife - Season 1 - Episode 18
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The whole house felt so quiet when I walked in, I went straight to the kids’ room first but they were not there.

I rushed to I and Bisi’s bedroom, nobody was there. No sign of Bisi or the kids. Cloths were scattered from the wardrops to the bed. There was a box of cloths on the bed too.

My heart was caught in my mouth as different thought crossed my mind.

What if Bisi has carried the kids and traveled to a place where I can’t reach her. What if she goes to her family house which was in another state, far from Lagos?

I checked the visitor’s room, the kitchen and every corner of the house as I kept shouting my wife and kids name but no respond came.
I was almost going crazy as I try to reach her. I try calling her over the phone but she wasn’t picking up her phone either.

I knew she was not going to pick but I decided to try anyway and it was as I thought.

I tried calling her again as I moved towards our room and I heard a phone ringing inside.
I rushed in and follow the sound. The phone was under the piles of cloth on top of the bed.
She probably forgot it there. I was destabilized. I don’t even know where to look for her and my kids.

I don’t want to get her family or mine involve. All the blames will be on me. I feel so ashamed of myself already, I know what I did and do not need a reminder of my sins.
I sat on the ground and held my head in my hands. “What have I done to myself? My family is scattered and may not be able to survive through this. I was broken and felt weak and powerless.

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