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I cheated on my wife - Season 1 - Episode 25
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Aram asked me the last question as if he doesn’t trust me again as his friend.

I assured him that there was nothing and I was going to block Abena right away. i took my phone and blocked Abena’s number immediately right in front of Aram.
I didn’t hear anything from her after then.

Is been two whole months and I have missed my wife. Bisi was still acting cold towards me but she has started serving my food again on the dining table. She sometimes helps with my laundry and also ironing. But hardly speaks to me even when I speak to her she finds it difficult to reply.

I thank her for every of her kindness even when she doesn’t reply back.
I moved back to our bedroom and was hoping she won’t pick offence. I have kept my distance for over two months now but I desire my wife and want things to be back to normal.
As I move back to our master bedroom she walked out to sleep in the visitor’s room instead.

I try to plead again and beg her to return to the room but Bisi can be very difficult and did not reply me.
We have lived like two strangers far long enough and I can’t bear it anymore.
The following night I try to persuade and plead again.

“Honey…I know my sins are heavy and I don’t deserve your love or forgiveness but please for the sake of our children, I beg of you in the name of God that we both serve to try and forgive. Is getting to three months that we live like enemies. I can’t bear it anymore honey! Give me another chance, I will never betray you ever again. You believe in God who is ever loving and forgiving, why can’t you forgive me Bisi. Please honey….i promise to make it right if you will let me.

She turned to me angrily and said.
“Don Sean, if I was the one at fault….if I slept with another man even right under our roof I’m very sure you will never look my side again. I may be in back at my parent’s house right now and everyone who cares to listen will know what I did. Is either you sent me out of the house or you leave the house for me. Don Sean, people who live in glass house do not throw stones. What you can’t tolerate don’t do it to another. Please leave God and religion out of this. If you have thought of God before all your dirty act I’m sure we won’t be having this conversation. All I asked is to be left alone. I don’t know how to love or trust you anymore. I’m trying so hard but finding it difficult. Forgiveness doesn’t come cheap. I don’t care how many months or years it takes me to heal I just want you to let me be in peace that is all I ask. There is nothing that you do or buy that will undo what you have done. Even if the wounds heals up, the scar will serve as a reminder. Maybe it would have been better to get a divorce and move away fr…

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