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I cheated on my wife - Season 1 - Episode 26
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I hushed her from saying her last statement.
My eyes was getting soiled up. Gaining a forgiveness from Bisi was proving far difficult. Why will she mention divorce? I detest such words. God forbids that my wife should separate from me.

Before she will complete her last sentence, I rushed to her and pulled her into my arm. She was struggling, slapping and hitting me to let her go.
I held onto her. I told her she was my life and I’m a walking corpse without her. If she refused to forgive me then I will be better dead than to be alive.

I was pleading and did not allow her slaps or struggle to get to me.

I just wanted my wife again. I want my home back. My daughter has asked me the other day why her Mommy was not talking to me and why I was not friends again with the mother. I couldn’t even answer the question.

I end up telling her that I hurt their Mum and wish she will forgive me someday. My little daughter promise to help me beg her on my behalf. I know she must have done that but Bisi’s heart is so harden.

Aram and his wife has pleaded and I have done everything within my power to make my wife to let go of my sins and yet nothing.
I can’t keep calm and watch her gets feed up one day and finally walk out of the marriage. That will shatter my home. I want my wife back.

Bisi kept hitting and later began to sob in my arm. She was cursing and calling me names for hurting her and all I did was to plead. I did not stop.

I was in tears too as I held her.
She caused and abused me while still sobbing.

After sometimes she became quiet and I let her go.

I try to wipe off the tears running down her face but she slapped off my hand and went into the bathroom to cry more.

I sat on the bed holding my head and praying that Bisi finds it in her heart to forgive. Is more than two months already that we are living as strangers.

I can’t take it anymore.

When she came out, I was still there. I stood not knowing what to say or do again. If she doesn’t want me in the room I will quietly return to the visitor’s room but I want to be with my wife, hold her all through the night. I want to assure and show her that I meant to keep my vows this time.

She got ready for bed and I was still standing and hoping this night will be different.

She went straight to bed and put off the light. I thought of moving to the bed but things are not as they used to be. I’m scared of offending her.

I don’t want to sleep alone in the visitor’s room again.

I gradually walk to our matrimonial bed, sat down first just to see her reaction.

Bisi did not say anything or make a move to leave.

I gently climbed up the bed and kept my distance without a word or touch.

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