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Jezebel - Season 1 - Episode 30
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” morning sweetie ” I heard beside me as I opened my eye.

I was on a king size bed and beside me was Jezebel, she was supporting her head with her hand as she raised it up a bit as she stared at me smiling.
” morning dear ” I replied smiling as the memory of what happened in the night rushed into my head.

She was the first person to initiate the kiss this time when she hugged me happily and I fell back to the sofa.

I kissed her passionately like I was a pro when in the right sense, I had zero experience about kissing because I’ve not kissed anyone before. The only thing I know about it , I watched it in movie.

I flipped her over and lay at the top as we continued kissing.

I kept on kissing her for above twenty minutes because I didn’t know what to do next, and she also seemed not to want to take it beyond that as she wrapped her hand around my head, holding me close to her with her eye shut.

We had to stop kissing when I mistakenly hit the glass cup containing juice which she placed on the cushion down.

That was when I discovered I was sweating inside the fully air conditioned room.
” f--k ” she exclaimed as she swiftly scrambled to get the vacuum cleaner which she used to take care of the mess. She returned the cushion to its original position and also took the remaining juice outta sight.
” I’m sorry ” I said stupidly as she sat back beside me.

” for what ” she asked looking at me with surprised countenance.

” for stressing you ” I retorted smiling.

” it should be for enchanting me ” she said also smiling.
” you’re the one who enchanted me not me ” I replied her.
” you got it wrong young man, I’ve never for once fallen for anyone at first encounter but you made me do that first and now you keep making me want more of you ” she said looking at me seductively.

” I I I, I did that ” I asked stuttering.
” yes, but it seemed this is your first kiss and first time with a girl ” she said casually and I suddenly started feeling suffocated.
I tried hard to hide it because I don’t want don’t seemed naive.
” looks like you’re right ” I replied putting on a fake smile.
” you’re my first kiss and I haven’t been with a girl before ” I added trying hard to be cool.
” that makes us two ” she said shocking me
” you’re joking right ” I asked staring at her with an expression that depicted that I didn’t believe her.
” yes, I’m kidding ” she replied laughing.
” I’ve kissed many times, did some naughty stuffs but I’ve not had sex before ” she added still laughing.
” it’s kinda hard to believe that ” I asked not losing the expression that was on my face.
” because I’m from the state right ” she asked smiling.
” yeah ” I replied her.
” looks like you’ve forgotten I’ve got a Nigerian mom who wouldn’t stop advising me about self value and stuffs, and I’m kinda also afraid of doing it with Phil ” she said smiling.

” who’s Phil ” I asked her.
” Phil was my ex in the State and the only guy I’ve ever dated but he broke up with me because he didn’t support my decision of coming here ” she replied me.
” his lost, my gain ” I retorted and we both bursted into laughter.
” looks like you can still go home now, it ain’t too late ” she said after checking the time on the fancy wall clock inside the sitting room.

I tilted my head upward to also check the time and it was just 9:45.
” you’re right but no motorcycle is allowed in my neighborhood anything pass 9:30 ” I replied her, tho it was a lie because the real stipulated time was ten pm.
” if that’s the case, let’s go and sleep ” she said standing up and also pulled me up.
She held my hand as she lead me to where I was going to sleep.
” goodnight Cindy ” she said as we got in front of a door and Cindy barked from inside the room.

She didn’t release my hand as we even climbed the staircase leading to the first floor.

The first floor was more beautiful than the last floor, with a mini sitting room which had a bar.

She took me into one of the rooms in there.

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