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Jezebel - Season 1 - Episode 31
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She took me into one of the rooms in there.
I knew at once that it was her room because of the interior design of the room and the purple pattern that covers everything in the room, even the wall was painted purple with pictures of some female American singers sketched on it.

I wanted to tell her that I’ll prefer the guestroom or one of the rooms inside the house but I decided against it so that I won’t spoil the current mood.
” do you want to shower ” she asked me as I was still glancing through the room.
” nope, I took my bath late today ” I replied her.
” alright, but I’ve to go and shower, I’ll be back soon ” she said as she head to the bathroom inside the room.
” could she have asked us to bath together ” I asked myself as I kept on glancing through her room and the painting sketched on the wall.

Her room was awfully sparkling neat for someone living alone.

I was sure if I was the owner of the room, one of my shirts might be having fun on the floor, my bed roughed and littered with books I had read. And that can be regarded as the time my room is neat.

I sat in the king size bed which had the bedsheet with Nicki Minaj’s picture on it.
Many thought ran through my mind. If what I was doing was right I imagined what my mom was going to do if she knew what I was doing.

That thought reminded me of the greatest thing I’ve forgotten.

I swiftly brought my phone out of my pocket and switched it on.

I was sure mom would have been trying my number and her not getting through to me was a calamity itself.

She might decide to leave home and come over to school to check on me.

I dialed her number,and as if waiting for my call before , she picked the call at once.
” ah Benjamin, don’t kill me, I didn’t kill my mom nor did I raise her blood level up, or is it a crime for a mom to want her kid to be successful in life and send him to uni ” she started one of her dramas at once.
” mom, I was busy, that’s why my phone was off ” I said interrupting her drama.
” busy doing what Ben, busy sinning? ” she asked as if she’s been keeping tab of what I was doing.
” no oo mummy ” I replied with my voice lacking strength to sound audible.
” pastor Michael said I’ll be the one to preach this coming Sunday and I’ve been preparing for the sermon, that’s why I switched my phone off so as not to be distracted ” I lied.
” oh, so that’s what happened ” she said, now lowering her voice.
” yes ” I replied.
” I didn’t know that was what happened make sure you prepare for it well, you must perform well so that you’ll start receiving many privileges to preach in Sunday services ” she said buying the lie. I knew it was the right words to use because she’s been looking forward to when I’ll be able to minister in normal Sunday service.
” I’m through ” Jezebel said coming out of the bathroom.

I swiftly place my hand on my lip signifying to her to keep quiet.
” was that a female voice ” mom asked me.
” no mom, it’s a sound from the movie Samuel was watching on his phone ” I swiftly lied.
” but I’ve send him out of the room now” I swiftly added before she ask me to give him the phone so that she could greet him.
” alright, help me to greet him and your other friends, your dad want to talk to you self but maybe tomorrow, let me hang up now so that you can continue with what you’re doing ” she said.
” okay mom, my regards to him and I love you ” I replied her.
” love you too hun, bye ” mom said before she hung the call.

” I’m jealous ” Jezebel said humorously, walking closer to me.

She was only covering her body with a towel.
” you don’t have to be, you know kid’s love to mom is a natural one which can’t go away ” I replied her.

” I know, and I’m sorry for earlier, I didn’t know you’re on the phone ” she said sitting on my lap.
” it’s , al al alright ” I stuttered as I felt a current passed through my body.

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