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Jezebel - Season 1 - Episode 32
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She took my hand and wrapped it around her waist as she started kissing me .

Her scent was nice and her mouth was sweet more than it was earlier.

I stood up using my hand to support her not releasing my mouth from hers.

I placed her on the bed and everything got more intensed as I swiftly took my clothes off but the problem was that I still didn’t know what to do next.

Tho her towel was already off her body revealing bare skin.

After several minutes of ferocious smooching, I disengaged the kiss.

She opened her eye and we both stared deeply into each other eye, smiling.
” you’re beautiful ” I said brushing off the hair that was on her face.
” and I love you ” she replied smiling.
” now let’s sleep ” I said rolling away from her body.

She stood up and head to her wardrobe and took a night gown which she wore.

She came back to lie beside me when she had wore it.

” I want you to do something for me ” she said staring at me.
” what’s that ” I asked her.
” I want you to embrace me to sleep ” she said.

” alright, come here ” I said to her and she moved closer to me as I embraced her and we both slept off.
” how was your night ” I asked smiling.
” it was lovely and fulfilling ” she replied as she made attempt to kiss me but I stopped her and she looked disappointed.

” I’ve not brush my teeth yet ” I said to her noticing her change in mood.
” and who cares ” she said as she lowered her head and kissed me. It was a short one.
” what are you going to eat ” she asked me after she’s disengaged the kiss.

” I won’t be able to wait and eat, I’ve to go home this morning ” I replied her.
” why ” she asked me.
” I’ve got something to do but to make up for it, come over by twelve, we can go out to have fun ” I told her so as to improve her mood.
” Promise ” she asked.
” yes ” I said getting off the bed.

I took my cloth off the floor and wore it.
she escorted me to where I boarded bike back to my place .

And that was when the problem started. I felt like I was been followed as I was checking behind me every time.

I started blaming myself for not backing out when I got the chance but one should be able to risk anything for the one they love, I said to myself to settle my mind.
” baddest guy ever liveth, bado, agbawo gee, baba for the girls ” my friends started hailing me as I got inside.
” what happened yesterday night” Usman asked me as he dragged me to sit on one of the chairs.
” did you sample her ” Samuel asked.
” who told you I was with a girl throughout the night ” I asked looking at them.
” so you’re with a guy abi, this guy wan they whine us ni sha ” Lekan said laughing.
” guys, let leave the matter of where I was for now, I need your advice on something ” I said sounding serious.
” did you c-m inside her ” Samuel asked and I felt like hitting his ball.
” where did I meet this fool self ” I asked humorously shaking my head.
” if it’s not that, did she abuse you for not lasting long on her ” Lekan asked.
” guys na, just hear me out ” I said frustratingly.
” oya talk, just know that no matter what happen, I’m going to donate pampers ” Lekan replied
” I’ll donate the baby’s clothes ” Usman added.

” I’ll volunteer to go with you to inform your mom about it ” Samuel also added.
” lord, please what have I done to deserve this idiots ” I said shaking my head.
” I’m serious here na, just listen to what I want to tell you ” I said with a pleading tone.
” oya talk ” they all said in unison.
” Jezebel is also in love with me ” I said.
” I said it, I knew she’s in love with you ” Lekan said boastfully interrupting me.
” but there’s a problem here ” I said and they suddenly looked curious to what it could be.

” the capon of red gun confraternity is disturbing her to date him ” I added dropping the bomb which suddenly exploded and made everywhere silent as they all stared at me.

” what did you just say ” Usman finally talked after some minute of pin drop silent.
” it’s as you heard it ” I replied him.
” have you broken up with her ” Samuel asked.

” no, I told her we’re going to get over it together ” I replied.
” are you stupid ” Lekan screamed angrily.
” give me her number, I’ll do it on your behalf ” Lekan said stretching his hand towards me.
” you’re supposed to be supporting me, why are y’all behaving this way ”
” support what, it looks like you’re drunk, just give me her number ” Lekan retorted angrily.

” I think we should support him, because that’s why we’re friends ” Usman said.
” yeah, and that’s by stopping him from getting all of us killed in the process of his stupid behavior ” Lekan retorted angrily.
” we can’t be doing ” Usman was about to say something before we heard a loud bang sound outside which sounded like gun sound
” they’re already here ” Lekan said shivering

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