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Jezebel - Season 1 - Episode 34
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I stared into his eye rather than replied him.
” as for me, I’m ready to stand by you on any decision you make because you rarely make decision and you’re a great person to be with but are you sure you’re ready to live your live, the rest of your live in this campus watching over your back ” Usman asked not losing the expression he started with.
” going head up with the red gun isn’t safe at all and also dangerous even for we that we’re your friends because they’re extremely lethal and doesn’t care who goes down for a lesson to be learnt but like Usman said, it’s your call to make and trust me, I’m ready to stand by you no matter what you chose but do that wisely ” Lekan said staring at me.

” I appreciate you guys for your support ” I finally said after going mute for some minutes.
” I understand why you’re concerned about me dating Jezebel and I also know the risk involved but I’ve got much love for this girl, I love her more than you can all imagine but that won’t make me push y’all into danger, so I’m gonna come up with a solution soon or if you got one, you can let me know ” I added.

” she looked like someone from a wealthy family, why not change location, maybe travel abroad and continue with her education there, and you two can continue dating like that, more of a long distance relationship ” Usman explicated like he’s already thought the plan over before.

” that’s a good one ” Samuel accoladed Usman massaging his hair in a funny manner.
” I concur ” Lekan said raising his hand up.

” she’s a citizen of USA ” I said pausing for a while

” that’s great, why even study in Nigeria self when she got a treasure like that at her blossom ” Usman said.
” I don’t know but it seemed like she doesn’t want to return to USA on any account ” I replied.

” and last time I checked, USA isn’t the only foreign country on the world map ” Lekan retorted with a smile.
” why didn’t I ever think of that ” I said smiling.
” because you’re the most stupid out of us all ” Lekan replied laughing.
” insult ” Samuel sneezed hilariously.
” it won’t heal ” I said and they all bursted into laughter.
” seriously, thank you guys, what could I have done without you guys ” I said smiling.
” you would have jump down from third mainland bridge ” Lekan retorted humorously.

” fool, I know you’ll spoil the mood ” I said as I pounced on him and he struggled to get himself freed.

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