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Kisser Girl - Season 1 - Episode 2
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Theme: Alpha ready to fight

Robert robbed his cheek and walked away.
“This is gonna be the last time I will warn you, stay away from Robert” Linda said
She walked away with her friends
Jenifer stood up pathetically and went to the school bathroom to clean herself, she went back to class to sit in her place.

The teachers came in to teach according to their period and left
The bell for break time rang!

Jenny was still feeling irritated cus of how she was bullied by Linda
Jenny placed her head on the locker and thought about her mum
Jenny Lost her mum three years ago to a breast cancer surgical operation, her mum couldn’t survive the operation then. Jenny misses her every single day and wish that her mum be alive
Someone tapped her on the shoulder, she rose her head and saw Robert
Robert’s face looked pathetic and sorry
“Robert, please leave” Jennifer pleaded
“I’m sorry for what Jane did to you” Robert said and leave
Robert walked to Linda’s class
Linda had being feeling guilty cus of what she did
She stood up and quickly approach Robert
“I’m sorry for …” Jane said but Robert interrupted her

“Sorry for yourself Linda, is this how you act irrationally, you didn’t bother to know why I went to her class, instead , you poured flour and water on an innocent girl and to top it all, you slapped me ” Robert said and smirked
Linda lowered her head, she knew she shouldn’t have gone that far

“Anyways, I can’t date an aggressive lady, it’s over” Robert said

“Come again? ” Linda asked in surprise
“I said it’s over between us” Robert said and walked away

“Is he joking or he actually meant what he said” Linda thought and painfully Walked to her place
Linda placed her head on her locker painfully, she hopes that Robert uttered those statement because he is angry and that he will come back to her .

Robert went to his class. He was happy that he finally break up with Linda, he had already being looking for a perfect moment, Linda is proud and she doesn’t listen to corrections, she is bossy even over Robot her boyfriend, she always want things to go her own way .

Closing time!

Robert went again to Jenny’s class, Jenny slung her bag pack and ignored Robert
Robert followed behind. Before Jenny could step down the stairs, Robert crossed her and stood in her front pleading that she stay and hear him out
“I ain’t angry with you Robert, but please understand me , I can’t stand the wrath of Linda again” Jenny said

“Alright, can you please follow me to the relaxing room over there?” Robert asked
“Why should I?” Jenny asked
“Please” Robert pleaded
Jenny stared into Robert’s eyes and she felt soft at heart again, she alone knew she likes Robert, she can’t even explain why
“Alright” Jenny agreed
Robert smiled and gestured for Jenny to lead the way.

They both went to a relaxing room and sat
“What’s your name please?” Robert asked
“I’m Jenny” Jenny replied
“I’m sorry for what my ex girlfriend did” Robert said

“Ex girlfriend?” Jenny exclaimed
“Yeah, I broke up with her today” Robert said
“Why, don’t tell me it’s because of what she did”Jenny said

” part of, I broke up with her cus of what she did and many things she has done in the past” Robert said

“How did you think she will be feeling, you broke a girl’s heart just like that” Jennifer said trying to tell Robert that what he did was wrong
“A girl that has the gut to slap his boyfriend, how many times do I have to wait for her to assault me in public” Robert defended
“Nevertheless, that is too early, you went too far” Jenny said feeling pathetic for Linda
“The deed is done already, Jenny, you are really beautiful” Robert said
“Thanks” Jenny said and blushed
“I think I like you” Robert said
“I think I like you too” Jenny said unconsciously
Her feelings had made her utter that statement without knowing

“I mean..erm…”Jenny muttered trying to find a way of twisting what she just said but she is not good at lying
” Don’t try to change what you just said, seems you have being crushing on me like many other girls, but I noticed you today and I felt a feeling of love towards you” Robert said
“Love” Jenny uttered
“Yes, Love, Jenny, would you be my mate?” Robert said

“Mate? ” Jenny exclaimed
“Sorry, I meant girlfriend” Robert said softly
“Just like that, you met me today and you want me to be your girlfriend today, do I look so cheap” Jenny said
“Asking you to be my girlfriend does not make you cheap, It’s being long I had being longing to meet my mate, when I found you, I know ” Robert said
“What is all this mate you keep mentioning, does mate means girlfriend?” Jenny asked
“Don’t mind me, I’m used to that word” Robert said
“Robert, let me just tell you the truth, I liked you since the very first time I saw you, I do not know why too cus I’ve promised myself never to be involved in loving again cus I’m cursed, Once I agree to date a guy, I will force them to kiss me and they will die after few days” Jenny said bluntly
Robert’s heart skipped

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