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Kisser Girl - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Theme: Where are Robert, John and Love?

Love, Peace and Joy ran towards the path that Sarah ran through but they couldn’t find her.
Jenny walked sullenly from behind them wondering what they would have done for Sarah if they caught up with her

Love and her friends ran across the school, they ran across the four blocks of the school searching for Sarah, but the couldn’t find her. they are now mortals(human), which implies they have limited ability. Hence; they couldn’t see where Sarah went

“Where could Sarah take Robert to just now” Love exclaimed

Her two friends sighed in frustration, they were tired of searching
“I suggest we just tell Jenny to use her powers to find where they are” Peace suggested
“True” Love confirmed and they both walked back to the health center eye searching Jenny.

They saw Jenny walking sluggishly and twisting her head to and fro, she is probably searching for where they went to
Love and her friends ran to where Jenny was
“Did you find her?” Jenny asked
“We didn’t” Love replied
Jenny lowered her head in pain,
“These guys claimed that they are sent from the king of light and they couldn’t even catch up with Sarah, can I really trust this guys” Jenny thought

“Yes, you can trust us” Peace answered .
The three elders who are now humans has their different abilities and power. There are only two extra abilities that Peace had , the ability to run like a flash and the ability to perceive People’s thought

Peace heard what Jenny thought and he answered her respectively
Jenny was stunned at the response of Peace
“You heard what I was thinking ?” Jenny asked
“Yes, I do, ” Peace responded
Jenny agreed in her heart that they are truly sent by the king of light, for them to know what she is thinking

“What are you guys gonna do now?” Jenny asked

“We guys, it should be what are you gonna do now, we are simply here to help you, you have majority of the powers cus you are a child of prophesy ” Love said

” Oh! What am I gonna do now, please be quick, I do not know what is happening to Robert right now” Jenny pleaded

“You gonna sing, cus singing is one of the ways to make use of your power, when we arrive home, we will teach you as many ways as possible on how to uncover and make use of your power” Love said

“Excuse me? You following me home or what? Did you know by your powers that I’m living with my stepmother and that she is very cruel” Jenny said

“We did not, but we will bring to Tessa’s remembrance that she is your true mother” Love said
“What are you talking about ?” Jenny asked
“Do not worry, let’s handle this first , sing and tell us where Robert is” Love said
Jenny sighed and concentrated on her heart
A song formed in her heart, she opened her mouth and sang.
?? ??
Let me.. Aaaa! Please let me
Let me find the one I love.
Let me find the one I seek
I wanna see eeee him
??? ???
I wanna see eeee him
I wanna see eeee him
Jenny’s eye suddenly got opened, she saw Sarah signaled for Robert and John to enter her car , she stepped inside her car as well and drove out of the school.

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