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Kisser Girl - Season 1 - Episode 27
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Tears rolled from her eyes as she fixed her gaze on Jenny .

“My daughter for real” Tessa muttered finding it hard to believe
She sunk to her knees in agony and fell to the feet of Jenny

“Jenny, please forgive me, I know I’ve being a cruel stepmother not knowing I’m your biological Mother, I promise to take absolute care of you from now henceforth, please do find a space in your heart to forgive me ” Tessa pleaded

“Mum! I was stunned when I found out by my friends , mum , I forgive you” Jenny said and gentle tears poured from her eyes
She helped Tessa up and they hugged
“Come inside please” Tessa said and gestured for them to walk inside the house
They all entered

Everyone sat in the sitting room including Robert and John who were still under a spell
Those ones were looking like dummy
Even though Sarah didn’t finish casting her spell on Robert, the little she casted had gross effect on Robert

“What do I offer you guys?” Tessa requested
“We are okay for now” Love replied
Everyone maintained a smiling face except the two dummies , Robert and John
Tessa sat comfortably then adjusted into a sitting position that tells everyone that she is listening to all what they wanted to say
“Firstly Tessa, I congratulate you on the re union of your daughter and you” Love said like an elderly men

Love is just seventeen years and she is talking to an elderly Tessa who is forty two years in that manner. It seems she has forgotten that she is not in the white territory, she is on earth and younger humans should respect elder humans

Nevertheless, Tessa ignored the manner at which Love spoke and giggled

“Thanks” Tessa said to Love
Love is the only female , Peace and Joy are male, but Joy is the quiet type but the most powerful
“Secondly, We are gonna like to be living here with Jenny, Jenny is actually a child of prophecy
the kingdom of powers saw how powerful she would be and that she will end up destroying their kingdom, so they sent Ella who stole her from you and pretended to be her mother for many years so that at the right time , she can curse her and true enough. She cursed Jenny.
Jenny is now being used as a medium to kill many humans, once they fall in Love with Jenny and she agrees, she must force them to kiss her which always result to to death for such humans
The death of this innocent males that fall in love with Jenny is the sacrifice of the kingdom of powers

We need to help Jenny in all possible means, we will stay here and teach her all she needs to know about her power , we gonna be going to school and coming from school together, are we welcome?” Love asked
“I really didn’t understand most of what you said though, you kept mentioning kingdom of powers , curse and so on, anyways, Jenny, are you cool with these new friends?” Tessa asked Jenny to be sure if she should accommodate them or not

“Yes mum” Jenny replied
“There are many rooms here, just pick the one of your choice, be careful and don’t play recklessly, then I must say you sound really proud, learn how to talk to elders” Tessa said
Love wondered who the elder is, Love had lived three million years in the white territory , and just because she was sent by the king of Light to the human world and he becomes a seventeen years old boy doesn’t mean she does not know her age

Joy looked at Tessa with contempt
“It’s you that should respect me not I respecting you ” Love thought but refuse to say it out, she doesn’t want to created unnecessary fuss

“Jenny, lead them upstairs and show each one of them their room” Tessa said
“Alright ma” Jenny said and took her friends upstairs . Robert and John kept following like a dummy

Jenny showed everyone their rooms
Robert and John stayed in Joy’s room
“Well guys, it’s good we all have a room, but we need a common room where we can all gather to discuss as well” Love said
“True” Peace said and Joy nodded gently
“Why not let’s use your room as the common room” Jenny suggested

“Good, feel free to always come to my room and if we gat to discuss issues, I’m gonna call you guys over” Love said

“Alright” Peace and Jenny said while the gentle Joy simply nodded
Everyone went to their appointed room

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