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Kisser Girl - Season 1 - Episode 29
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Theme: Their Strength and weaknesses
Sarah wandered across the street casting different spells but none was working, two beautiful ladies saw her and approached her
“Young lady, what’s wrong with you?” The first lady asked
“An evil somebody made me blind” Sarah replied

The first lady muttered some words and placed her hand on Sarah’s eye , Sarah’s eye got opened

“Oh! Really, I can see” Sarah exclaimed happily
The ladies smiled
“Thanks so much ” Sarah appreciated
“You are welcome” The first lady replied
“How did you do it? you must have got some powers” Sarah asked

“Well, we are from the same kingdome, the kingdom of power, our guard at the portal that leads to the human world informed mother Susan that the king of Light had sent three elders who became two boys and a girl on earth, that they were sent to help Jenny.

When mother Susan heard that, she immediately told Scarp and I to come to the human world as two girls to help you destroy the child of prophesy and ensure that Robert does not break the curse over her, I’m Lady Bee, my friend here is Lady Scarp but please call me Dora, you can keep calling my friend Scarp” Dora said
“It’s alright, thanks for helping me, so what next now?” Sarah asked

“We following you to your house, we have a lot to teach you , our spies at the portal(gate) in the spirit world had given us many information that we will need in taking down Jenny” Dora said
“That shouldn’t be a problem” Sarah said and led them to her house

Sarah lives with her parent but her parents her travellers , invariably we can say she lives alone .
“I’m sure you gonna enjoy this house” Sarah said

“We should, can we sit?” Dora asked politely
“Yeah , sure” Sarah said and Dora and Scarp sat

Dora brought her backpack from her shoulder, she unzipped it and brought out some scrolls
She was dropping them one after the other on the center table, the scrolls were forty seven in total

“What is it about this scroll?” Sarah asked
“Men of victory wins by knowledge, a city is destroyed because of ignorance, knowledge is power, if you can not read , you will fail, this scrolls are secretes and mysteries of powers, it contains the weaknesses of out enemies too, we have to be quick on studying it so as to know where best to attack our enemies ” Dora said while Sarah watched in shock

Dora brought out a scroll and opened it
A scroll is a roll of paper, it’s a kind of book used in ancient times

“Perfect, I’m gonna read this out for all us to hear and take note” Dora said holding an opened scroll

Sarah adjusted and listened attentively while Lady scarp also paid rapt attention
“There are three Elders sent from the throne of the king of Light, One bears Love, she is the female amidst them, the other two are Peace and Joy , they are males
Love is an extrovert and a very beautiful lady, her power is in her spells, the king gave her a lot of scroll to learn when she gets to the human world , if she successfully masters all, she can do almost anything with her power, she will be too dangerous for us to handle

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