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Kisser Girl - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Spells are language of white beings, spells are Also languages of dark beings

When you cast a spell, you put a spirit to work, it’s like you are commanding the spirit and the spirit will do as you have commanded it cus you have spoken his language” Love said
“Will you be the one to teach me or I’m gonna go and learn it somewhere? ” Jenny asked
“I personally still have a lot to learn, that I’m sent doesn’t mean I know all, I will send peace to go to the library in Babylon to go and get you the scrolls you need to learn, for now, make use of your song’s ability anytime you are in danger, we are always here to help you too” Love said

“I’m new to this spell of a thing, is there anything thing I need to know about it?” Jenny asked

“I’ve told you the basics.
Take this for instance
” ka ru nsu buof” That word means Whitebeing Ka, take me from here
“Sufron ni asi ofik” That word means , take me to a far place
So if I say
ka ru nsu buof
Sufron ni asi ofik

A white being will appear and make me disappear from here and make me appear into a very far place
We use spells for a lot of things, it performs something beyond the imaginations of men
Robert and John for instance are under spells , their understanding has being darkened because Sarah had casted a spell on them,

what that spell does actually is that it conjures a dark being that makes them loose themselves and become a dummy,it’s one of the easiest spell to master”Love said

“Wao! I think I now understands how this thing work, so when I actually cast spells, I speak the languages of white beings, they come at my command and do what I want right?” Jenny asked

“Exactly, sleep Jenny, we gotta prepare for school tomorrow” Love said
Jenny lay gently and slept off
Love sat on stool beside the bed, she placed her head on a locker and slept off
After few hours, , she woke suddenly but she couldn’t find Jenny on the bed

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