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Kisser Girl - Season 1 - Episode 33
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Joy knew if he didn’t answer Scarp, the girl might just do something crazy again
“I’m Joy, but please let me be, the programme will soon start” Joy said
“You really look handsome Joy, I won’t mind you giving me a peck” Scarp said and smiled recklessly

Joy turned at her and wondered why they would have paired him with a clumsy girl like Scarp
“You know what? I ain’t into all this shit , just respect yourself and stay modest or else I’m gonna do something you won’t like” Joy threatened

“Aw! Joy wants to hurt me” Scarp said sarcastically and abruptly pecked Joy on his check
Joy felt so irritated

Joy desires that she will be dumb, Joy placed his hand on Scarp’s mouth and she became dumb , she couldn’t speak again

The programme commenced, Joy was listening but Scarp was busy battling with herself wondering why she couldn’t speak
“This boy must have done this to me” Scarp thought painfully hoping that Joy would make her speak again

She tapped Joy on his shoulder and rubbed her palm pleadingly
Joy smirked

“All you know how to do is to disturb, promise you would not disturb me again?” Joy requested
Scarp nodded

Joy desires that she speak, he placed his palm on her mouth and she spoke
“Oh! I can speak, you are such a wonderful boy” Scarp said and Joy ignored
“Where are you living? Tell me, how do you sleep? Do u close your eyes when you sleep? Do you raise your legs when you sleep? How many hours do you use to sleep” Scarp kept asking irrelevant questions while the programme is ongoing but Joy ignored

She got sad that Joy ignored
“Joy!” Scarp shouted in the cinema
Everyone concentrated their attention on her wondering what has gone wrong with her.
Why would a sensible person shout like that amidst the midst of a decent programme?
Scarp stood up

“Sorry please, I’m sorry, I was lost in thought” Scarp said and sat
“What the hell is wrong with you? Why did you shout my name?” Joy asked
“Cus you kept ignoring me , I like you Joy” Scarp said

“Oh really, i will be left with no choice but to make you dumb again” Joy said
“You can’t, I know you like me too, just confess… huh? Who is your girlfriend by the ways?… Have you ever kissed before? … Have you ever slept in the same room with your girlfriend … Did your mum like your girlfriend… Should I be your girlfriend… Stop ignoring me… You know I like you… I know you like me … Should I sing for you… Should I…” Scarp said but before she could finish asking Joy her endless irrelevant questions, Joy wishes that she is dumb and placed his palm on her mouth.

Joy walked out so she won’t plead to that he should make her speak again

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