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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Before I could speak, he pulled out and pulled me to my knees, making me bend over on the sofa. He bent down and bit me on several spots on my butt0ckz and I could only flinch and grimace. He slapped my butt0ckz hard and I twisted away but he suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he whispered to my ear. “You are one dirty little girl! I have always known that you found me irresistible and I have been waiting for just this moment! I wonder what took you so long to succumb to your desires!” He gave the side of my neck a long lick and I trembled. His grip on my hair was hurting me but I dared not say anything from fear of him adding more to my agony. He finally let my hair go then slid into me from behind. Each t----t was deep and hard and soon I was trembling on his body as I reached He held back for twenty more minutes by plowing me mercilessly before he finally let himself go.

When he was done, we collapsed on the floor. I was light in complexion and I knew that by tomorrow, I’d be red and sore in places he had bitten and slapped me. Gathering my clothes, I quickly slipped into them, I was about to leave when he grabbed the back of my head, kissed me deeply then let me go and as he saw me off to the door, he slapped my butt0ckz and bid me good bye.
Well, finally, I was no different from my friends. It’s said that if you cannot beat them, you join them and I had just subscribed to the anti-husband team of pleasure from another man. Deep down, I had a feeling that I was going to go back for more. Well, forgive me dear husband, wherever you are.

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