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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 15
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After that day, I could not get Steve off my mind. He was superb and had made me realize how boring my short sexual life with my husband was. My husband was always too gentle, trying not to hurt me but Steve had woken up the b---h in me and that was just how my body liked it. In the morning, I would check around and when the coast was clear and I was certain that I wouldn’t be seen by anyone else in the apartment, I’d sneak into his apartment and he would treat me roughly while he had sex with me. I soon got used to everything. In fact, I begged to be slapped, pinched, or even tied down. That was just what worked for me and anything gentle was nothing short of boring.

I hung out with my friends and when I narrated my story to them, not only were they very much surprised, they praised me endlessly. So most times whenever we hung out, we discussed about our latest escapades. Sani became so free around me that he would even kiss Patricia in the car and sq££ze her butt0ckz. We decided to take our sexual experience to another level one day when Amarachi invited us to her house on a Friday evening while her husband was in Abuja. As we stepped into her large and exquisite sitting room, she welcomed us warmly.

“But you guys are a bit late o… Konji wan kill me na.” She said.

Patricia and I laughed and then I asked, “Where are the kids?”
“They are still in boarding school, they are not due for a holiday until next month which means that I’m home alone.”
We sat down and she uncorked a wine and filled our chutes with it. “We are going up to the bedroom because that’s where the show is to take place.” Amarachi explained.
“Does he know that we will be there?” I asked.

“Why not? I have explained everything to him.” Amarachi said and led us up the stairs to the master bedroom which she shared with her husband. When we stepped in, we saw Akpan sitting in the bed clad in just his boxers. He rose and greeted us and we smiled and sat down on the two seats Amarachi had prepared for us. We were to play the voyeur and watch them have sex with each other.

I watched Amarachi slowly take off her clothes, leaving only her jewelry on, while Akpan stood with his legs apart as Amarachi slowly kissed down his body till she was kneeling in front of him. She pulled down his boxers and his thing sprang out to greet her face and she gave us a sideways look of “I bet your men’s stuff aren’t as big as mine.”

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