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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 17
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We hailed her to continue and the way Amarachi swallowed it all, one would have wondered if she had extra space in her mouth. I was surprised that she didn’t even choke. As she began to s#ck him off and also played with his balls while Patience and I shifted uncomfortably on our seats wishing we could share Akpan with her. We watched her s#ck and lick him up for a few minutes before she la!d on the edge of the bed and opened her thighs to welcome Akpan’s mouth. The way the cook ate her was so crazy and Patricia and I exchanged glances.
We watched them while we sipped our wine and soon Akpan carried Amarachi in his arms in a standing position and that was how he made love to her from start to finish with Amarachi screaming the top of her head off. When Akpan was about to cuuum, Amarachi got down on her knees and presented her face and he poured the whole package on it. Amarachi soon left us to go wash off in the bathroom while Akpan who was sweating and panting a bit, went for his boxers.
“Wait.” Patricia stopped him. “Do not wear that yet, let me take a good look at you first.” When Akpan obeyed and turned to face us, Patricia said to me, “You see how his thing is still hard and standing? That’s the kind of quality I want. If it were my husband, to wake up his own is a problem and even after you manage to get it up and he goes for one round, it will just collapse again.”

“Which meant that I made a very good choice then.” Amarachi said, returning from the bathroom. “We all want to prove whose man is best and I have presented mine.” She kissed Akpan passionately and dismissed him.
I couldn’t hold my curiosity anymore, so I asked, “Is he not married?”
“And so?” She gave me a look. “Since my husband travelled two weeks ago, I have made sure that Akpan spends his nights here.”

“But what happens to his wife and children?” I pressed.
“I don’t care! Babe, I’m giving this guy real cash! What can his wife offer him? Since this guy came into my life, we have both changed our lives for the better. He fu-Cks me whenever I want and I in return, I make his life comfortable with money.”

“Abi na, my sister. When money speaks, everyone listens!” Patricia laughed. “There are a lot of hungry young men out there ready to dig you good for the right cash. Since the government does not provide jobs for the youth, we the Mamas have decided to help the situation in our small way. I can decide to change Sani anytime if I get tired of him, after all, one would definitely get tired of eating one sugar cane all the time.” She said and she Amarachi burst into laughter. “If I want another man within a twinkle of an eye, all I have to do is snap my fingers and I’ll have ten able men in my bed!”

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