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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 19
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That day I went back home feeling h---y but when I checked Steve’s apartment, he was not home. I tried calling him on the phone but his number was not reachable, so I decided to wait till when he returned. One hour had already passed when I heard a knock on my door. Eagerly, I got off the couch and rushed to my door to open it but my smile waned when I realized that it was not Steve like I had expected, instead it was my younger sister and a guy I’ve never seen before.
“Janet, what are you doing here?” I asked. “When did you enter Ibadan?”
She smiled shyly and said, “Sis, at least let us enter first.”

I stepped aside and watched them walk into my living room. I finally closed the door and joined them.
“I came to see Ben.” She smiled and held the guy’s arm, leaning her head against his shoulder.

“Good afternoon, ma.” Ben greeted me.
“Please discard the ma thing, I’m still very young.” I said and introduced myself. “You can call me Winifred.”

He shook my hand and said, “Ben.” His hands were so smooth that I already imagined them grabbing my breasts. His teeth was white and he had bushy brows. I stared at him still holding his hand while I imagined things in my head.

Finally, I realised that I was holding on too long and I finally let his hand go. “Does Dad know that you are here?” I gave my sister a suspicious look. She was supposed to be in school, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) and I wondered why she had come all the way to Ibadan and even without informing me.

“Sis, Ben is my new boyfriend.” She told me.
I frowned in confusion. “What happened to Dele?” I asked.

“Sis, forget about that one, we are no longer together. Ben and I met on Facebook and when I realized that he also resides in the same city as you do, I decided to come down and see him. I’ll be here for two weeks before I return to school… And before you ask, we are on break in school, so don’t start quizzing me.”

“Better.” I said, putting my hands on my hips and glancing at Ben every now and then and I don’t know if I also caught him secretly checking me out too.

“Well,” my sister continued. “I came to show Ben your place so that he can visit me here whenever he wants until I go back to school.”

“No problem, as long as you will be on your best behaviour.” I said. “Sit down.” I gestured to the couch and moved to the kitchen to grab our visitor a drink.
When I returned, my phone was vibrating on the coffee table and I smiled when i noticed that it was Steve. I received the call and he said the words: “I’m around babe. Bring that ass over here!”

I ended the call and told my sister that I wanted to quickly buy something outside the estate and she gave me a look from foot to head and asked, “Dressed like that?!”
I was wearing a bum short and a camisole. I looked at myself and said, “So, what’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”
“Sister, you are married o.” She reminded me.

“And so? So because of marriage, I should dress like a granny? See, entertain your visitor, I won’t be gone for long.” I said dismissively and went out. As I snuck into Steve’s apartment, he grabbed me at the door and took me to the bathroom immediately.

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