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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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After having a hot round of s€x in the shower, we decided to cool off in the bathtub with a bottle of wine and some chips. When Steve pulled out a stick of cigarette, lit it and dragged on it, I stared at him in surprise.
“You smoke?”

Smoke sifted through his lips and escaped his nostrils. “Yes, why?”
“I never knew you smoke.” I said, frowning as the smoke came towards me. I had a sort of dislike for smokers and I tag them to be louts and street bums.
“You care for a stick?” He asked, stretching the pack towards me and I gently pushed his hand away and said, “No, I’ll pass.”
He shrugged and kept the pack aside. After a short silence, he asked, “What’s the craziest thing you have done sexually?”
I stared at him then answered. “Besides my husband, you are the only one that has seen and devoured my body.”
“I see…” He said through the haze of smoke. “What’s your say on anal sex?” He asked.

“Anal sex?” I was confused. “What’s that?”
“It’s when I go in the back hole, get what I mean?”

My eyes widened. “Hell no!”
He remained calm. “So you mean that you are not going to give it a try? It’s fun, you know? And most girls have experienced o----m through that.”
“There’s no way on Earth I’m going to do such a disgusting thing. That sacred spot is only meant for exit not entry.”
“Well, I want to try it.” He stated as he blew more smoke into the air.
“And I’m telling you that I will not do such a thing.” I stated resolutely.
“Right…” He simply reached for his smart phone and began to tap on the screen.
I gave him a puzzled look then asked, “What are you doing?”
He refused to answer but only placed the phone against his ear. He waited for some seconds before he spoke, “Hannah, xup?” Whoever it was answered then he asked, “Are you free?” A short pause again. “Bring that ass over here in ten minutes.” He said then ended the call.

Bring that ass over here? I thought I was the only one he said that to. Fuming, I asked, “Did you just call a girl in my presence?” I was burning with jealousy.
“Yes…” He indifferently answered. “If you won’t give me your shithole to screw, there are many girls who would jump at the opportunity to spend some time with me.” He said cockily.

“Do you realize that I’m a married woman and what you are asking of me is outrageous?!”

“If you are happily married, then what the f--k are you doing in my bathtub?!” He asked icily and I was stunned at his tone and words.
“I thought you were in love with me.” I mused. “You are not supposed to be seeing anyone else but me.”

“In love?” He scoffed. “Why the hell should I be in love with a married woman? What am I supposed to to do when your husband gets back, pretend that I don’t know you and die silently while I hear him f--k you? Babe, get your head out of the clouds, what we have shouldn’t be defined as love, this is just a fling and for the record, you should when be happy that I am watering your flower on your husband’s behalf. I’m a generous giver but that should make you know your bounds and the earlier you accept that there will always be other girls, the better for you.”

“So you are just using me?!” I asked, already feeling a pain in my chest. “All you have just been doing all this time is milking my honeypot dry?”

He ignored me and continued smoking and I grew furious. Immediately, I rose from the tub, grabbed my drink and tossed the content against his face, quenching the light of his cigarette. “You are nothing but a total a-----e!” I spat and as I stepped out of the bath tub.

He simply laughed and said, “Close the door on your way out!”

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