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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 24
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After breakfast, I gave my sister some money and asked her to go with my car and buy me some food stuffs. In fact, I made her buy a lot of unnecessary things that I didn’t really need and when she was gone, I was left all alone with Ben who immediately moved to the sitting room to watch WWE. I joined him and soon began to make comments on the match just to strike a conversation.
“Kane scares me, but not like the Undertaker does.” I said.

He looked at me and then to the TV. I sounded foolish because there was no Kane nor undertaker in the latest match. It was just Roman Reigns and some other guy that I wasn’t familiar with. When he didn’t say anything, I added, just to make him talk, “I heard that John Morrison came back. Mehn, that guy is hot.”
Yet this dude said nothing.

I watched for a while, already getting pissed with his silence, but I was not willing to give up too soon. “What do you think about John Cena and Randy Orton?” I asked.
“Nothing.” He simply said.
I frowned. Why was this guy so adamant. I sighed and decided to think of something that will get his attention. “So Ben, tell me, what do you do for a living?”
“I’m a banker.” He answered.
“Oh! Nice job. What bank is that?”
He told me and I nodded and said, “I have a domiciliary account with you guys through which my husband sends me dollars.”
“Good.” He simply stated and focused on the TV again. I was desperate now and I just didn’t want this opportunity to pass before my sister returned. I was not one who would go for my sister’s man but desperate times calls for desperate measures. Then I recalled how Patricia said men would do just about anything for good money, so i decided to try my luck. “Sooo, what will you say if a lady decides to pay you $5000 just to have sex with her?”

That got his attention but I couldn’t phantom if it was interest or disgust. “Why would a woman pay any man such money just to sleep with her when any man will easily jump at it even without the money?”

“Well, only desperate women would do so, right?” I laughed nervously and after a short silence ensued, I asked, “You and Janet are not having sex, are you?”
“Isn’t that supposed to be our personal business?” He asked.

“I know but I’m only looking out for my little sister.” I answered.

“And did you guys plan this so you could interrogate me?”
“No, I deliberately sent her away so you could f--k me!” I blurted the truth before I could stop myself and Ben jolted to his feet in shock.

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