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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 25
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I rose too and began to stammer. “I’m sorry, th…at actually came out wrong but after I saw you in the bathroom today, I really want to f…uck you!” I blurted again and then clenched my fists at my sides in regret.
“What sort of nonsense is this?” He asked. “Is this some test or what?
“No…” I approached him and placed my hand on his chest. “I give you my word that my sister is not aware of this. This will be our little secret. If you can just please do me once, I promise that I’ll never ask again.” I pleaded.
“Aren’t you married?” He asked me.
“Yes but my husband is thousands of miles out of my reach, what am I supposed to do till he returns, roll around on my bed and hug my pillow?”
“I’d rather you stay true to your marriage and let me stay true to my relationship.”
“But you guys aren’t even f#cking! How boring and frustrating could that be?! My sister is making a big mistake a big mistake by insisting that you guys go platonic.” I said, then pulled closer till my lips were barely been inches from his. “Look, Ben, you are a very attractive guy and men have needs. Just let me meet your needs this once, Jane doesn’t have to know, I promised.” I reached out to kiss him but he stepped back.
“I’m so disappointed. Jane actually looks up to you and yet you would betray her? Your own sister?!” He sounded appalled.
“So what are you saying? That you aren’t going to do it?”
“No, I’m not.” He stated firmly.
“Am I not attractive enough?”
“I don’t care if you are or not! One, you are a married woman! Two, you are supposed to be my soon-to-be sister-in-law!”
“I see… So now you want to play the holy guy right?” I took three steps backward and held my red crop blouse and with a pull, I tore it and he gaped at me in shock.

“What are you doing?” He asked as I began to unbutton my bum short and tried to slack my [email protected]
“I’m going to scream right now that you are trying to rape me.” I said icily.
“What!” He began to panic now.
“Then let’s see if you will get to still date my sister that you are being so faithful to.” I threatened.
“Please, don’t do this…” He started to beg. “Not only will such allegation cost me your sister, it will also cost me my job, please I beg of you.”
“I don’t care! You either do what I want or I scream right now!” I yelled. He began to contemplate whether to agree or not but I didn’t let him as I hissed. “I don’t have all day, just do it.”
“Fine, fine… I’ll do what you want.”
I smirked. This was not me but I just didn’t know why I was behaving this way but right now, I didn’t really care. What mattered was getting la!d. “Take off your clothes.” I ordered. He hesitantly obeyed and when he was done, I ordered him, “Come and take off mine.” He reluctantly obeyed and when he was done stripping me, I asked him to get on his knees and sU-Ck me.

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