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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Winifred’s POV

That day, I had refused to continue to the wedding reception. With the way that I was feeling, I decided that I didn’t want to be anywhere near Patricia for now, especially when she felt no remorse whatsoever. Turning away, I walked out of the boutique and hailed a cab and that was how I went home. I wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Patricia anymore and I avoided her calls whenever she rung my line.

A week later on a Saturday afternoon, I was watching a thousand ways to die when my doorbell rang. Wondering who it was since I was not expecting anyone, I walked to the door and to my surprise saw Amarachi. I hugged her so tight, well I was more than happy to have someone to talk to and ease my loneliness. After ushering her in, I served her some red wine which she gladly took. After exchanging necessary pleasantries, she finally cleared her throat and got down to her purpose of visiting.

“Winny, I heard you are no longer in good terms with Pat.” She gave me a subtle look of accusation, staring at me under her brows.
Hearing Patricia’s name, I simply looked away and said nothing. When I refused to reply, Amarachi pressed, “Winny, you won’t answer me?”
I rolled my eyes then asked, “She told you didn’t she?”
“Yes of course, she told me. We have all been friends since our university days.”
“Did she also tell you what she did?” I asked.
“What did she do?” She replied my question with a question.

“Do you know that Pat is sleeping with her driver?” I said quietly, expecting a normal response but all I got was laughter and it left me more confused. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“What’s the big deal, baby girl?!” She asked, still laughing.

I drew my shoulders back in surprise and gave her a look. “You mean you knew all along?”

“Abeg!” She waved a dismissive hand. “Na today? Nothing is hidden under the sun, my dear.”
“You knew all this time and you never told me?!” I asked in shock, growing angry now.
“Wetin eye never see? We simply did not tell you because your church girl is too much, you wouldn’t have understood our plight! And besides, the last thing we wanted was someone dashing off to tell our husbands!” Amarachi stated.

“You think I’d snitch on you guys?” I placed my hand on my chest. “Even though I am not in support of adultery, I would never tell on you.”

“Right…” Amarachi simply said. “Let’s see how holy you will remain now that your husband has moved to Canada. Your plight is even worse because you have no child to keep your company nor comfort you.”
I gave her a sad and annoyed look. “You don’t have to rub it in.”
“Winny, I’m not trying to rub anything in, I’m just telling you the truth. We might have all the money we could want but the truth is life is not fair on us sexually and we can’t just sit back and fold our arms. In as much as you wouldn’t admit it, sex is very important.”

I caught on to the pronoun she had been using for a while now. “What do you mean by we?”

She paused and gave me a scrutinizing look for a moment as if considering whether to tell me a secret or not. Finally, she made up her mind and sighed. Adjusting to the edge of her seat, she began: You know that my husband is a sailor?”

“Yes, I’m well aware.” I answered.
“And you know he’s hardly around?”
“Yes.” I answered, eager for her to get to the point.

“So when he’s gone for six months to 1 year, how do you suggest I tame my hormones, prayer and fasting?”
“You could just wait.” I stated.
“You are not normal.” She gave me a disgruntled look. “You think it’s easy right? You think my body is made of wood, right? Well, why should I blame you? You know nothing! Your marriage is not even up to a year, so why should I expect you to understand?”

“What are you insinuating?” I asked suspiciously. “Are you also-”
“Whatever that is, it’s a yes.” She Declared.

I gaped at her in disbelief. “You mean that you are also-”
“Yes and let me tell you my story…” She placed the glass of drink down on the coffee table and began her story…

Amarachi’s POV
I met my husband during an ushering job I had gone for while I was in 400 level in the university. A conference meeting was to hold on a Saturday morning and I was part of the girls who were called for ushering since I had experience in it. I was tall and slim and had just the right sizes of everything. I was one of the many ushers who were to direct the guests to their seats and that was when I saw him. He was tall and was dressed in a white native attire.

When I directed him to his seat, the way he kept glancing my way spoke volumes but I tried my best to ignore it but that was not the end. At the end of the program, the organizer came to us and said that she would like all ushers to go change their clothes and come back for an after party. I was reluctant but when she privately told me that the man would like to speak with me and perhaps he might even help me get a very good job after graduation, I obliged.

I came back to the party and that was when he approached me. We talk for lengthy hours and I got to find out that he was thirty-nine years and a divorcee. His wife and divorced him because she claimed that he paid too much attention to his job than his family, so she divorced and left with their two children whom he often spoke too on phone or visit once in a blue moon.

We talked so late into the night and rain began to pour. I was at lose of what to do because I didn’t know how I would go home in such a storm. He offered that I could spend the night with him in his hotel room and reluctantly, I agreed. That night did not go as I planned and we ended up making love. He did a lot of things guys in my peer group whom I have dated have never done to me.

We started dating and months later, he proposed to me and we were married before the year came to an end. Anyway, he started to travel a lot and I hardly got to see him and that was when I realized how the wife had felt. I was lonely. He bought his female cousin to live with me and also give me company but it was not enough. I needed the touch of a man and it was driving me crazy to go months without it.

We had a cook called Akpan from Calabar and soon I began to eye him. I have heard about how wonderful Calabar men were in bed and people have praised their sexual stamina too. One day, while he was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, I walked into the kitchen in my flimsy nightgown. He greeted me and continued frying the plantain he was frying. I went to the fridge and took out a bottle of water then leaned on the counter to watch him cook.

I noticed that he was uneasy with my presence in the kitchen but he said nothing. I watched him for a while, letting my eyes roam his body and his arms. I stared at his biceps and at his waist wondering if he could twist it in different angles. Soon, I called, “Akpos?”

“Ma?” He turned and I could see shock register on his face when he saw that I was completely naked through the transparent night gown that I was wearing.
“Are you done frying the plantain?” I asked.
“A…lm…ost ma…” He stammered, fixing his eyes on the wall above my head to avoid staring at my enticing body.

“Just leave the rest for now. I want you to get me something from my room.”
I saw a puzzled frown cross his face. I knew he was surprised because I have never asked him to go to my bedroom before.
“What ma?” He turned off the gas, washed his hands under the tap in the sink then wiped his hands against his apron.
“Get me my phone. It’s on my bed, under my pillow.” I instructed and he nodded and left the kitchen. Knowing that I was all alone with him in the house, I took off my lingerie, tossed it on the counter and followed almost immediately. Whether this Calabar guy liked it or not, he had better agree to sleep with me or I will have him fired, or worse, even have him thrown into jail by accusing him of trying to rape me.

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