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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 30
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Winifred’s POV

Two days later I realized that Steve had moved out of the apartment without as much as a goodbye to me. I was so hurt that I cried. This was a man who had redefined my sexual life and everything we had shared had meant nothing to him. I got over it in days but I was not normal. I was so sexually starved that I was almost tempted to lure Usman, the gateman into my apartment but I refrained from such because he talked too much and might probably just tell the whole estate.
I had no idea why I was acting this way but I blamed it all on Steve for leaving me high and dry. I soon began to masturbate but it was nothing compared to having a real man dig you good. As the days slowly went by I began to realized that I was ruining my life because of my hormones. I took the framed picture of my husband and I on our wedding day and realizing how much I had betrayed this man, I broke down. Slowly, I got on my knees and for the first time in months, I prayed and asked God for forgiveness as I cried. I knew it was too late but I was tired of letting my body control me, and much to my relief after the prayer, I felt that wanton part of me die and as the day progressed, I realized that I wasn’t thinking of sex anymore and that I could now focus on more important things.

As the days passed, I no longer had the urge for sex and I was surprised and happy. I felt so relaxed and I was at peace with myself once again. All of a sudden, I noticed that it was Steve who was trying to get my attention now as if the devil had sent him to test my faith and resolution to stop cheating on my husband. He would try to talk talk to me or unnecessarily come by to ask how I was doing and if I needed any company. He stated that he observed that I must be lonely and he was sorry for how he had broken us off but I politely declined his offer and dismissed him. He continued to bring in different girls almost every night and frustrated my sleep and I began to suspect that it was deliberate. Whenever I was sitting out in my balcony, he would come out shirtless and sit on a spot across from me so I could see him while he pretended to get busy with his phone and on several occasions, I realized that he was actually watching a p .orn clip and would increase the volume so that I heard.

I would see his errrection grow in his shorts, twitching and calling my attention and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I would simply get up and go into my apartment. He would remain there for a while then go out to bring some random girl to spend the night with. I had made up my mind to tame my hormones and there was nothing in this life that would make me fall for him again because on the other hand, I was beginning to feel some remorse over cheating on my husband.
Simply because majority were doing it didn’t mean that I should continue with the crowd that I had unfortunately already joined but now it was time to pull out. I decided that I wouldn’t stoop so low anymore to bring such shame on myself and my family. It was better I stopped now that it was still early and besides, my husband was due to come back in just two weeks’ time, so why should I allow myself to be lured back into sin.
Steve grew desperate soon and continued at all cost to try to get my attention by unnecessarily coming to borrow things or return them very late in the night, and in as much as he wanted me to invite him into my apartment or try to tempt me by saying his usual words to me, I never fell for it. I knew I couldn’t take back the rubbish I had done by flirting and sleeping with him but I wasn’t ready to worsen my situation and jeopardize my marriage even more. I didn’t know how I would confess to my husband but I decided that I would simply beg him to let us relocate to another state.

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