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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 32
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Steve grew desperate soon and continued at all cost to try to get my attention by unnecessarily coming to borrow things or return them very late in the night, and in as much as he wanted me to invite him into my apartment or try to tempt me by saying his usual words to me, I never fell for it. I knew I couldn’t take back the rubbish I had done by flirting and sleeping with him but I wasn’t ready to worsen my situation and jeopardize my marriage even more. I didn’t know how I would confess to my husband but I decided that I would simply beg him to let us relocate to another state.

Two weeks later, in the evening, I was sleeping in my room when I felt someone get on my bed. Opening my eyes, I saw Steve getting into my bed, naked except in his boxers. I was shocked and Immediately scrambled to my feet on the other side of the bed.

“How the hell did you get into my room?!” I asked, my heart beating fast.
“I helped myself in.” He stated. “I waited if you’d come out but when you didn’t, I decided to come and see if you were fine.”
“What do you want?!” I demanded. “Is this how you barge into people’s apartments without their consents?!”
He only smiled and said, “Relax, I won’t bite.” For the first time in weeks, I saw him in a new horrible way that I had never seen him before. He had this sinister smile on his face and it scared me. I no longer found him attractive and I couldn’t believe that I had actually let this scumbag treat me like a w---e.
“Get out!” I pointed to the door. “Get out now!” I ordered.

“In as much as you’ll like to deny it, I know you miss us. Just be a good girl and give it to me the way I like it.” He leered
“I’d rather die than let you touch me again! Whatever we once had between us is over and will never happen again, so get out now!” I hissed and I saw his eyes darken with anger then suddenly, he lunged for me and before I could dash out the door, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled and we tumbled back and fell on the bed. Immediately, he s-------d me and tried to pin my hands on the bed above my head. I fought, struggled and screamed but no matter how hard I scratched, he just wouldn’t let go.

“Do you think I’m an idiot?!” He stated. “You can’t just start something and not finish it! I want that ass and I’m going to get it!” He hissed.
“I’m married!” I yelled.
“You should have thought of that before coming to s£duce me and letting me bang the hell out of you like the w---e you are!” I spat on his face and in anger, he slapped me hard on the face.

I screamed but that didn’t stop him from trying to get what he had come for. I was stunned by the slap and I couldn’t believe that all these was actually going on and no one would come to my rescue and prevent Steve from raping me. I turned my head and bit his forearm but he only grimaced in pain and suddenly caught my throat and gave it a hard sq££ze till I was coughing and couldn’t breathe freely.

Just then, I heard the sitting room door open and Amarachi’s voice called my name. I was almost glad that finally help had come and thinking that Steve would jump off me at the sound of my friend’s voice, he continued trying to get his way. Soon Amarachi and Patricia appeared in the room and I screamed at them to help me but I was shocked when Patricia said, “I can’t believe that he hasn’t started yet! She’s still struggling?” She sounded surprised and annoyed.
“Steve, couldn’t you have just s£duce her instead of this nonsense? Is this what we have been paying you for?!” Patricia sounded angry and when I glanced at them, I realised that Amarachi had a video camera and was recording everything that was going on.

“Are you not a man?!” Patricia taunted. “Knock her out! Spread her legs and dig this thing so that we can get out of here, I have got more important things to do!”

That was when I finally realized that my friends had set me up and Steve was no Corp member like I had thought. It was only a disguise and my friend had planted him in the next apartment to lure me into defiling my marriage like they had done theirs. They were recording everything so that they could blackmail me whenever they wanted and perhaps ruin my life.

“Miss Virgin…” Amarachi hissed. “You thought that you were better than us, right? We are the ones that do not know how to control how we open our legs, uh?!”
“Don’t mind the idiot! Always full of herself and yet she is no different from us!” Patricia said venomous. “You think your marriage will be better than ours, all because you got married to your husband, a virgin? Let’s see how that works out for you after we send this video to your husband in Canada. Steve, you are wasting time! If you need rope to tie her down, I have some in my booth!” Then she said to Amarachi, “Amarachi, I thought you said this guy was a professional, what is all this nonsense?!”

“Yes, he came highly recommended. Let’s just exercise a little patience, at least he has torn her blouse, so zoom in on that part. If he could s£duce and screw her the first time, we should believe that he will do better this time.” Amarachi answered.
“Zoom on what?! After all the money we spent on him to frustrate and tempt her by sleeping with several girls and even planting a charm in her undies, he can’t even lure her into his bed a second time, instead he resorted to rape! He could have just simply drugged her and save himself and us the stress.” Patricia said in distaste.
“Steve! Open those legs na!” Amarachi instructed. “Don’t let her kick you in your tender spot o! Grab her legs, my friend! Should I come and assist you?!”

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