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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Winifred’s POV

I was so engrossed with the dirty words and cries of the lady that I didn’t realize that I had started to touch myself. Disgusted with how this was affecting me, I moved to the sitting room, switched on the TV and began to watch Sound City. I increased the volume to dry the cries of the lady and soon, I fell asleep and didn’t even know when rain began to pour. In the morning, I woke up at the sound of a knock on my door and was surprised to find out that I had actually spend the night on the couch.

The knock came again and forcing myself to my feet, I groggily walked to the door and opened it ready to rudely dismiss whoever had come this early to ruin my sleep. But whatever sleep was left in me, vanished immediately when I realized that it was the neighbour next door, Steve, well that was what the girl he was banging had called him and he had several clothes in his arms in front of him. At first, I wondered why he was just giving me a surprised look and saying nothing but when I looked down, I realised that my left n----e had shifted out of my night gown whose neckline was very low.

Feeling embarrassed, I quickly turned away and adjusted my gown then turned to look at him again and this time, he blinked several times as if trying to dislodge what he had just seen from his mind then he cleared his throat and said, “Good morning.”
Sheepishly, I answered, “Good morning.”
“Um…” He glanced down. “It rained last night and I realised that you didn’t come out to take your laundry from the line so I decided to take it into my apartment and I brought them this morning because I don’t want you wondering where your laundry is.”

“Oh! Thank you…” I offered a smile and as I tried to pack my clothes from his arms and he also tried giving them over to me, I felt his knuckle brush my left breast under the heap of clothes and we both gave each other a look, although it had been an accident. I waved it off and said, “Thank you, um…” I trailed off.

“Steve.” He answered.
“I’m Winifred.” I told him, finally glad that I have gotten to introduce myself. “You are a Corp member, I see.”
“Yes.” He answered.
Then we both awkwardly stood there, wondering what to say next but that moment was disrupted when we both heard a female voice call out, “Steve? Steeveee, where are you?”
“Sorry, but I’ve got to go now.” He quickly said, backing away slowly.
“No problem, thanks for this.” I gestured down with my chin at the clothes in my arms.
“Don’t mention, Winifred.” He said and left.

After that first personal encounter, I couldn’t get Steve out of my mind. I thought of him all day and I imagined caressing his chest through the white singlet he had won. I knew I ought to be older than he was but I was almost certain that the age difference wasn’t much, probably just two years difference cuz I was twenty seven. Several days passed and we only exchanged a hi, hello and a few pleasantries and I saw him bring different girls home then screwed them much to my detriment because I had to listen to it all, biting my lips and nails, squeezing my thighs together and wishing I was the one.

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