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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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One day, I deliberately sat in my balcony hoping that I would see him but ever since he saw the latest girl off he had spent the previous night with, I saw no sign of him. I was desperate and I could barely concentrate on anything else besides fantasizing about him all day. I imagined saying all those words to me as he pounded me and I got wet. Well, all these thoughts wouldn’t be going through my mind if my husband was around. He was so far away in Canada and I couldn’t be with him until after five years.
When evening came, I gave up the wait and went back into my apartment. My husband called a few minutes later but didn’t last long on the call. I was just getting off the phone when I heard footsteps outside and then heard someone unlocking the next door and I knew that he was back. I checked the wall clock and realized that it was 10:31p.m. I walked to the mirror and checked out myself. I had on a red strapless top that barely covered my stomach and also a bum short that revealed the lower cheeks of my butt0ckz. Grabbing my body spray, I sprayed myself a lot so that I smelled nice before I walked out of my apartment and moved to his door then knocked. I waited but got no answer. I knocked again and that was when the door yanked open and I saw him.
I saw his eyes run over me from my feet to my head before they settled on my face and I saw him swallow hard. “Hey.” He finally uttered past the knot forming in his throat.
“Hey.” I answered. “I’m really sorry for disturbing you but I was wondering if you could borrow me some seasoning cubes. I didn’t realized that mine was finished and it’s too late to go out now to get some.”
“Okay.” He said and left then returned soon with four double cubes of knoor. When he handed them to me, I reluctantly left. I began to berate myself for being so stupid. My plan was whack. I should have thought of something better that would cause us to talk. I was really in the mood tonight for some sex and I feared that if I was left to go to bed that night without it, I would surely do something crazy like masturbating with a candle. Bracing myself for another attempt, I went back to his door ten minutes later and knocked and the door opened again.

“Hey, want something else?” He asked, surprised to see me again.
“Um… Is your DStv subscription active?” I asked.

“Yes, why?” He gave me a puzzled look.
“I actually want to watch The Promise on Zeeworld and my subscription ended last night, so I’m hoping you wouldn’t mind me watching it here for a few minutes.”
He hesitated as he considered my request then opened the door wider. “I don’t mind, please come in.”
With my heart swelling with joy, I walked into the sitting room and he followed behind.
“Make yourself comfortable.” He gestured at a sofa with a hand and I sat down. He picked the remote from the coffee table and asked. “What channel is it?” I told him and he switched it from the football station to Zeeworld then sat down in another chair. I kept glancing at him and realized that he was not paying attention to me or the TV. He was busy chatting on WhatsApp with a smile on his face and I felt insignificant.

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