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Lonely Women  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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With my heart swelling with joy, I walked into the sitting room and he followed behind.
“Make yourself comfortable.” He gestured at a sofa with a hand and I sat down. He picked the remote from the coffee table and asked. “What channel is it?” I told him and he switched it from the football station to Zeeworld then sat down in another chair. I kept glancing at him and realized that he was not paying attention to me or the TV. He was busy chatting on WhatsApp with a smile on his face and I felt insignificant.

I endured for a few minutes then grew tired of the stupid Zeeworld. I watched him for a moment then suddenly blurted. “Do you have any pornographic movie?”
He lifted his head to stare at me in surprise and I simply shrugged. “We are both adults so don’t act like you have never heard the word before.”

Without saying anything, he got up, walked into his room and returned with a flashdrive then inserted it into the side of the TV and what I saw next as the movie popped on the screen shocked me and sent a cold chill down my spine. All that could ask within myself was: What kind of horrific blue film is this?!

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