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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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**I was in tears as i left the hall. I did not see Mary coming and we bumped into each

Mary: **holding me** Honey! What’s wrong? What happened? **she asked as she saw the tears in my eyes**

I was choked with emotions so i could not utter a word.

I disentangled my self from her hold and headed for the main gate. Mary followed me still trying to find out what was amiss.

Mr. Kevin: Come back here, girl!

**her father who had been watching our little drama shouted**

Mary quickly stopped in her tracks and i headed towards the gate.

As i went trhough the gate of their house, I
turned to look at her and what met my eyes made me freeze.

She was shaking so much from her crying that i
thought she might faint. Then, her father took her back inside the house.


I was completely shattered. My heart ached and i felt pains all over my body as if i had received
a severe beating.

I could not sleep.

I thought about what my mother had said to me earlier in the evening and what Mr. Kevin had said.

I had been in love with Mary for the past two years and although we knew nothing about sex, we enjoyed our relationship very well.

She was caring anytime i fell sick and her nursing was so efficient that I one day suggested she took a nursing course after school,
Now a wedge was being driven between me and
my lover by both my parents and Mary’s.

As I lay thinking about the happiness i had gone through during those past years, sleep stole me from the pains of disappointment, and i drifted into dreamland.

I dreamed about Mary.


She was standing on the banks of a large river and crying for me to help her cross. I happened to be at the opposite side and there was no canoe to cross the river to the other side.

In desperation, i threw myself into the violent torrents and swam towards her.

The currents of the river were very strong but i
fought with determination and in no time i was at the other side.

For a strange reason, when i reached the other bank, i did not find Mary at the place she had been standing!!

How come? What happened?

I stood there wondering..

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