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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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As i was wondering where she might have gone.
I heard her shouting for me at
the same spot where i had been
previously standing, which was to say, she had
somehow been transported to the opposite bank just as i had braved the vicious
torrents to come to her side **but how come?**
I did not know what to do as the wind had by now started blowing hard and the water of the river was greatly agitated.

But by what supernatural means had
Mary swapped positions with me?
Just as i stood wondering what to do, i saw a huge lion walking towards Mary.

She was shouting for help again!

No one was in sight at the other side of the river and that had got me wondering how
she had got there in the first place.

I was aware of the dangerous currents which
I had swum through only a short time ago,
but the sight of Mary in distress overcame my sense of danger. I jumped in again and started swimming to the opposite side of the river where I had originally been.

With all my might I began to swim towards Mary agan. Halfway through the river,
I saw that the lion was nearly at where Mary
was standing, so to gain time, i told Mary to run round in circles to prevent the lion from getting at her before I got to the bank.

She obeyed and did exactly what i told her.

Her running round frustrated the lion and it started roaring.

I swam onto hard ground and reached there in no minutes.

Luckily for me, i found a big club on the bank of the river which I picked up and walked towards the lion which was now crouching with

a vicious glare in its eyes ready to pounce on my loved one but i won’t let that happen.

I moved stealthily towards it from its blind side and hit it with all my might **I didn’t know i would have that kind of strenght, maybe it’s because my mary is involved**.

In a moment it fell dead.

I left the carcass and ran to my lover and consoled her.

Nazeal: My love, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you.

Mary: **crying**

Nazeal: Oh talk to me, stop making me nervous. Tell me, are you okay?

**ofcourse i knew she was okay cos i believed the lion didn’t hurt her but I wanted her to tell me herself**

Mary: **still shedding tears** Am okay honey, the lion didn’t have the chance to hurt me.
Nazeal: Yea, and nobody would.

**i said cuddling her hair backwards**

We then sat under a nearby tree and it was then that we made our promises to each other.

We vowed never to give any of us a
cause to regret ever loving the other
and that with the exception
of death, no one was going
to be a stumbling block to our love life.


The dream was so sweet that i thought it was a real. I was awakened from my sleep by
my younger sister who was looking for a cup
to wash her face with, since morning had come…..

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