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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 8
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I was so mad at her! I lay on my bed pondering
about the significance of such a dream.

What did the river between us mean?

And what was that lion doing in our lives?

I could not make head or tail of it….

Did the dream have anything to do with
the conspiracy of our parents to tear us apart? Only time, i believed would tell.

I stood up, took my toothpaste and went outside to brush my teeth… I picked my phone to call Mary and when i remembered the incident of yesterday, i decided not to call her for now.

I hurriedly took my bath and went for my lessons.

I didn’t see Mary there **i didn’t even want to see her coz i can’t stand her presence** maybe she wasn’t feeling fine that’s why
she didn’t come..


Fast Forward

A few weeks later, I sat for my exams… As i was writing the exam, i did not see Mary **although i havn’t seen her since that day**..

I felt concerned that i didn’t concentrate on the exam..

After the exam has been over, i rushed to Rose, her close friend.

Nazeal: Hey rose,
Rose: Hi! How was the exam?

Nazeal: Went well but i didn’t see Mary.. Isn’t she writing the exam with us?

Rose: **her mood changed instantly** Well, i don’t know about that.

Nazeal: You can’t tell me that, your face is not even agreeing with you.

**I wonder why she always find it hard to say the truth once and for-all**

Rose: Well, if you must know, she travelled to Ivory coast.

Nazeal: What!! When? Where? How?
Rose: Well,, you can go and ask her father yourself.. **leaves**

**I stood there dumbfounded. I could not believe that Mary had left for the Ivory Coast.

I can’t beleve that my lover, the girl who made my life worth living, had left me without
even a word of farewell. I boarded a taxi home because i don’t think i would be able to go home all alone..

I felt so bad that i could not eat and as a result,, i was sent to the hospital and admitted for three days without the doctors being able to
determine what was actually wrong with me…..

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