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Love Is Happiness  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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After we finished eating,, I noticed Cyndie staring
at me…

Cynthia: **staring** Honey, why are you looking pale like this… Have you been sick??

Nazeal: **jokingly** Hear the pot calling the kettle black…

Cynthia: **laughing** Hahaha, you aren’t serious..

Nazeal: Yea,, so what happened to you… Why didn’t you come on the day you promised to and….. **looking at her** look at you, you aren’t looking healthy alot??

Cynthia: I went on a hunger strike..
Nazeal: **cuts in** What!!

Cynthia: Yes, i went on a hunger strike after you went that day and the effect it had on me was something not withstanding… That made both my parents felt concerned and three days afterward,, they had been forced to withdraw their objection to our relationship…

Nazeal: **shocked** U mean, your parents aren’t an obstacle again..

Cynthia: Yea, and i also insisted my father writing a letter to you so that they can apologise for the rudeness towards you and discomfort they caused you.. **checking her bag**

Nazeal: Oh, I can’t believe this is happ…..

Cynthia: Here **giving me the letter**..
**I collected her, looked at it and then tore it open,, it read as follows:
“My Dear Son,”
“I am very sorry to pen you these few words.. I and my wife have decided to rescind our decision to break the intimate relationship between our daughter Cynthia and you..

We have come to realise that love can not be substituted with anything when it comes to matters of the heart..”

“We are sorry for the pains we have caused you to suffer for the last few days and hope you would forgive us from the bottom of your heart…”

“Cynthia has demonstrated the true love she has for you by refusing to eat, drink and
sleep for the days that she spent with us
after you left and that has taught us that when the heart decides, nothing can change that decision..”

“We implore you to forgive us and take her back as we know both of you are in deep love..
She is yours and we shall do our best not to interfere in your love life anymore.. We shall rather do our best to contribute our quota to
your future happiness…”

“Cynthia is our only daughter among six children so handle her with care…”

“We hope by the time you finish reading this letter, you would have forgiven us..

Take this gift as pacification for our deeds… Thanks…”

“Your prospective Parents-in-law.

Mr. and Mrs. Boafo.”…

**I read the letter three consective times and looked at Cynthia.. She was looking as cheerful and healthy as if she was not the same person I had seen just a few hours ago…

There was something wrapped in a paper that I had not unwrapped… I tore it out of the envelope and unwrapped it and behold,,
It contained Money **Lots of them**…..

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