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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 3
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I walked into the party with my bestfriends, I was really starting to like patty, and I must admit dat she is a very nice girl, I realised she only rambles when she is nervous.

The party was huge I must admit, patty invited us, her unknown cousin brother was throwing the party, I really dnt knw y I have neva met dis cousin of hers, we are in dsame hostel for christ sake, patty have invited us countless times but only becky had d opportunity to meet him. “Am going to get a drink”, patty’s voice drew me out of my thougt, ” I will go with u”, becky added, and once again I was alone with my thoughts,maybe becky was right, I really needed a guy in my life, but I think I will pass on dat. “Hey you”,

“Hey matty”
” Whatsup baby”
” dnt flirt with me”
” u are so not romantic”
“Dat was not meant to be a compliment”
“I know, well, I take it as one”
“So Whatsup with u, I didn’t picture u as d party type”
“Well, am here”

I will just get a drink, u need one?”
” yeah, tnx”.

I must admit dat Mat is really handsome, but he is not a gentleman, I mean his back window is jst directly opposite mine, and d sounds dat comes out from his room especially at nite is so not pleasant, dis guy changes girls as if he is changing his boxers,I dnt want to be d judge bcos every player has his own story. I must say dat he is really a nice guy, we have established a kind of bond dis few weeks, ” tnx matty” I said to him as he handed d red solo cup to me, ” u are welcome, I will jst go over there, have fun”, he said and moved towards a group of girls, typical Matt. ” Whatsup girly”, patty screamed through d loud music, ” here’s my cousin fred, Fredrick she’s my friend Nkem, d one I’ve told u so much about”,

“You”, fred and I said in unison, ” u guys know each oda?, patty asked, he’s the jerk………” “she’s d b---h……….” we both said almost together.

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