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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Nkem: so, why are you going to florida
Nathan: business

Nkem: why is luke not taking carean: he doesn’t want to, not that am doing it willingly though, I would rather practice what I read in school

Nkem: which is?
Nathan: gynaecology
Nkem: no way, why then are you doing this s--t
Nathan: am only doing it cause mum begged me to

Nkem: so you gave up what you love
Nathan: not completely, I do consultancy Wednesdays and fridays
Nkem: explains why you are always busy, what about luke what did he study
Nathan: business administration
Nkem: no way, then why is he not handling the business

Nathan: he prefers being a model
Nkem: this situation is f----d up, your dad let him become a model, but you are not allowed to be a full time gynaecologist

Nathan: yea
Nkem: no family is perfect
Nathan: yea, you can say that. Do you speak french

Nkem: no
Nathan: Eric, Derrick and Mavin does
Nkem: why not, everyone that schooled at Elite speaks french, maybe not fluently but atleast you will have an idea

Nathan: thought all of you went to Elite
Nkem: no, I completed my eduction in immaculate heart, that was how I met becky
Nathan: why did she withdraw the boys from immaculate heart

Nkem: immaculate heart is not really the best school

Nathan: then why did she leave you there
Nkem: I don’t know

Nathan: I don’t understand, and the boys completed their education here in the states while you were going to complete yours in Nigeria if not for this incident

Nkem: the uni stuff was my decision, why will you send me to a school as cheap as immaculate heart to build my foundation then outside the country to complete my education, I knew something was not right so I refused to go, I later found out that it was my reverend father that wanted to send me, I saw the letter he sent to Mrs. Mell, Mrs. Mell sent him a letter pleading with him to help her out, she didn’t want me to continue going to inferior schools, he agreed to send me, he is actually my spiritual father

Nathan: does Derrick know anything about this?

Nkem: no, they are always clueless
Nathan: why will aunt silvana behave like that
Nkem: maybe I did something very wrong without knowing, I don’t care anymore, am done, and I don’t want anybody to tell me anything about my mum ever again, am done saying nice things about her to people, she might be a good woman, but she is the worst mother, a mother is supposed to treat all her children equally, unless am not her child
Nathan: don’t say that, you are her child, there most be something she is not telling somebody

Nkem: she should keep it to her self, I don’t care anymore, this is the last time I will talk about her with you or any other person, I want to sleep now I could use a cuddle
Nathan: is that an invitation to sleep here
Nkem: call it whatever you want
Nathan: ok, I will just take the offer.

**next day in the dining **

Trini: Cedric when are you starting your exams
Cedric: why do you need to know
Trini: am your mum for christ sake
Cedric: not a good explanation
Jessica: Cedric you know you don’t always have to be a jerk

Cedric: and you don’t always have to be a b---h

Tony: mind your language young man
Cedric: you should have told jess that
Trini: Cedric don’t talk to your dad like that

Cedric: why not
Nathan: stop that rick
Cedric: am off to school
Luke: I will drop you off
Cedric: can’t remember asking for your help
Nathan: I will drop you off, jess go with luke
Jessica: I can’t wait to be eighteen I need my own car

Cedric: can’t wait either you can’t imagine, being in the same car with you irritates me
Nathan: rick!!!!

Cedric: sorry
Nkem: can I come with you guys?
Cedric: no, you are still on you night wear
Nkem: its just 7:10 u still have time
Cedric: no way

Nathan: just get dressed I will come back and pick you up

Luke: or better still you can come with me
Nkem: not a chance
Luke: your choice

Cedric: get over the fact that she does not like you and stop trying so hard to impress her
Luke: whatever
Cedric: get a life
Nathan: one more word from you rick and you will walk to school
Cedric: sorry

Tony: Nathan make sure you are at the office before 10, for the meeting
Nathan: sure, bye mum.

Trini: have a nice day dear
Jessica: bye dad
Tony: take care honey
Jessica: Nkem remember you are doing my make up later today please
Nkem: fine. “Cedric and his mood swings one minute he is sweet the next minute he turns into a bitter teenager”, ” I left the dining to my room, on my way I noticed that Nathan left his room open, which is so unusual, not wide open though, but it was not locked, it took all my will power to restrain my self from entering the room I was so curious, I really wanted to know what his room looks like, but he must have his own reasons, and I need to respect that, with that in mind I headed to my room to get ready. Nathan came bay room to get ready. Nathan came back after about fifteen minutes he had to wait for ten minutes before I was ready, the drive to my school was mostly silent, he looked kind of angry but I decided to let him be.

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