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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 32
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Nathan: when will your classes be over
Nkem: 2:00pm

Nathan: ok, I will pick you up
Nkem: can I ask you something?
Nathan: yeah

Nkem: you look angry, what is wrong
Nathan: am not angry
Nkem: I know you are, it’s obvious
Nathan: we can talk later
Nkem: I want to know now
Nathan: Nkem, later
Nkem: no

Nathan: it’s just about my dad, didn’t you notice how grumpy Cedric was in the dining
Nkem: I thought it was the bipolar thingy
Nathan: they are supposed to go to africa next week for an excursion, but dad is saying that rick cannot go because of his disorder, I hate it when he treats him like that
Nkem: talk to him

Nathan: Cedric doesn’t want to go anymore, he said he would never go on any trip even normal family trips, and am not going to talk him out of this one, all they do is annoy him nd leave the talking to me

Nkem: he will change his mind when he calms down

Nathan: you don’t know cedric
Nkem: that is why you are his big brother, try to talk to him

Nathan: am not the only big brother he has
Nkem: but you are the only reasonable one
Nathan: *smiles*. Trying to make me feel better?

Nkem: no just stating fact.” the silence that followed after made the car seem bigger, we kept staring at each other without breaking eye contact, I decided to stop the staring competition by opening the door
Nathan: have a nice day, I will pick you up
Nkem: you too, see you later.”I don’t know what it is about this guy but he commands respect without even asking for it, I guess that is the reason his dad want him in the company and not luke, and he is such a gentleman, ok, I think I need to stop now before I start overdoing things, he might be hot but I know going too close would be really bad, that reminds me about the trip to florida, just the two of us, that is really dangerous, I would have loved to go but I need to come up with some sort of excuse for him, I really can’t risk it.

“We had lunch in an Italian restaurant after nath picked me up, the dude sure do know how to treat a lady. The grin on jasmine’s face when nath parked in the garage was priceless, something about that grin was devilish I just hope am not in trouble, I managed to get off the car to face the devil herself”.

Jasmine: so, you guys had fun?
Nathan: non of your business
Jasmine: yeah, I know, oh nathy
Nathan: don’t call me that
Jasmine: whatever, here are you keys
Nathan: why do you have my keys
Jasmine: calm down, you left your door open, I didn’t look inside I promise, my eyes were closed

Nathan: d--n it jasmine, not one word from you
Jasmine: you need to keep me quiet
Nathan: how

Jasmine: let’s start from the fact that am taking your car to school tomorrow
Nathan: what?, no f-----g way
Jasmine: Nkem do you wanna……..

Nathan: ok fine
Nkem: what

Jasmine:*grins*. talk about yesterday?
Nkem: what
Jasmine: do you wanna talk about yesterday?
Nkem: no, not necessary
Jasmine: alright, so bro can I have the keys now?

Nathan: *hands over the keys*. Fine
Jasmine: *giggles*. Thanks bro, I love you so much. *walks away*

Nkem: do you care to explain?
Nathan: explain what

Nkem: why does jasmine have your car keys
Nathan: she is my sister
Nkem: really?, what do you take me for?
Nathan: a princess
Nkem: stop it, what does jasmine have against you

Nathan: nothing
Nkem: ok, I will find out sooner than later.

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