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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 35
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Nkem: jas I need to talk to you about something

Jasmine: am all ears

Nkem: how do you guys manage to be calm when a gang has your brother
Jasmine: a gang has my brother?

Nkem: don’t act dumb with me Derrick told me everything

Jasmine: Nat is fine my dad already paid his former gang off that is the main reason he is working for my dad, he feels guilty for the damages he caused, dat’s all, he never calls when he is on business trips so we are used to it

Nkem: so you mean he is OK
Jasmine: yeah your Prince charming is OK
Nkem: he’s not my prince charming
Jasmine: you like him though
Nkem: I don’t

Jasmine: whatever helps you sleep at night
Nkem: am off to my room
Jasmine: you feel better now right?
Nkem: whatever

Nkem’s Room

My phone beeped it was a Facebook message from matt

Mat%%% mattes: sugar plum
Magdalene Nkem: Matty your Facebook username is weired

Mat%%% mattes: this is about the twentieth time you are telling me

Magdalene Nkem: am glad you remember, so what’s new

Mat%%% mattes: we are coming to L.A next two weeks

Magdalene Nkem: we?

Mat%%% mattes: yeah, patty myself and she devil

Magdalene Nkem: who is the devil
Mat%%% mattes: Becky of cause
Magdalene Nkem: buhahahahaha, is that what you call he now?

Mat%%% mattes: was that laughter or what
Magdalene Nkem: i don’t know maybe its what

Mat%%% mattes: you are weired
Magdalene Nkem: what about Jackson
Mat%%% matte: he has been in L.A since I can remember, he works at hopemark hospital

Magdalene Nkem: hope mark? I said it, I saw someone that I could bet I knew d other day at hope mark and he was putting on that overall thingy that doctors wear, I never knew Jackson was around I would have guessed right his bow legs don’t lie, they are kindha cute though.

Mat%%% mattes: would you have talked to him?

Magdalene Nkem: yeah why not, I don’t have any beef with him we weren’t even that close

Mat%%% mattes: hmmmmm, so you are not mad at him

Magdalene Nkem: nop, we are good, but I would have been mad at you if you didn’t believe in me and retraced your step, infact i would never talk to you if that were to be the case

Mat%%% mattes: what about patty and Fred
Magdalene Nkem: i have a major beef with patty because she was my friend and all she cared about was herself that was selfish, am good with Fred he owe me nothing am also good with becks since she was never my friend to start with she was just a wolf in sheep clothing

Mat%%% mattes: what do you think about coming together atleast you stayed with this people for about four months i know a part of you want to see them and settle things

Magdalene Nkem: I will see anybody that is ready to see me, am over that s--t, am a big girl I don’t bear grudges

Mat%%% mattes: cool, I will call you when we get to L.A

Magdalene Nkem: alright take care Mattie boy
Mat%%% matte: b---h

Magdalene Nkem: smooth , the chat started with sugar plum and ended with b---h
Mat%%% matte: hahahahah

**chat ends**

“I was definitely ready to see them it was time to settle scores, my phone beeped that must be matt ”

****Text message**””

Jasmine: Yaaaaaàh prince charming Nathaniel is back!!!!!!!!

Nkem: where is he right now
Jasmine: he went straight to the office mum called to tell me

Nkem: thank God he is OK at least
Jasmine: yeah

Nkem: you could have told me this in person we are like five doors away from each other
Jasmine: am busy

Nkem: whatever
“So he was really OK, how could he have stayed that long without talking to his family, he really has a strong heart.”

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