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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 38
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Nathan: that felt so good
Nkem: **chuckles**. Just imagine aunt Trini’s face when she finally enters your room

Nathan: she is gonna want to take pictures, because my mum is a picture freak
Nkem: she is really sweet
Nathan: yeah, guess what the time is
Nkem: 2am

Nathan: waoh I must be a really good kisser you lost track of time
Nkem: dream on ** checks her phone**. No way 4am that was fast
Nathan: so now your chauffeur is off duty
Nkem: who is my chauffer
Nathan: Luke of course
Nkem: why is he off duty

Nathan: you can’t go to school tomorrow, you haven’t even slept a wink
Nkem: I can manage
Nathan: no way, and I will be the only one dropping you off from tomorrow
Nkem: possessive

Nathan: Luke and I have a past
Nkem: tell me about it
Nathan: you need to sleep
Nkem: I can sleep throughout tomorrow
Nathan: so there was this girl Leila or Lilian I can’t even remember her name I didn’t know Luke liked her

Nkem: so you [email protected] her
Nathan: seriously, the girl said they were just friends

Nkem: you should have asked your brother
Nathan: it wasn’t necessary
Nkem: it was

Nathan: when he found out he was livid, so for revenge he tempered with my break
Nkem: your break?

Nathan: yeah, I was using one Mercedes then
Nkem: that was so low of him

Nathan: my dad was the one who used the car the next day

Nkem: that’s why he uses clutches?
Nathan: yeah, its better now he was on wheel chair for over a year

Nkem: I have a feeling that’s not all
Nathan: when the doctors said my dad would never walk again I got angry, so I went home with that anger and I ended up shooting him on the leg

Nkem: what? You shot your own brother, what if you killed him

Nathan: I aimed for the leg, it was clear I didn’t want him dead, but what he did could have killed me

Nkem: that does not change the fact that you shot your own brother that is crazy
Nathan: am sorry

Nkem: you should tell that to Luke
Nathan: I tried to injure him, he actually tried to kill me

Nkem: I initially thought you were the reasonable one

Nathan: now you hate me right
Nkem: come on baby I didn’t mean it that way, let’s forget about all this and sleep please.

***Next day***

Cedric: what else should I bring
Nathan: tooth brush dumb a-s
Cedric: how was I supposed to know that
Nathan: now you know
Cedric: you are bipolar
Nathan: really?

Cedric: whatever, and am not getting the toothbrush, go get it your self
Nathan: I have extra, now f--k off and don’t come back

Nkem: **yawning**, you guys just woke me up, you should have kept it low

Cedric: no normal person should sleep till 9am
Nkem: you should be in school
Cedric: that makes both of us
Nathan: Ced leave my room and don’t come back

Cedric: fine, Just don’t get pregnant, you don’t want your baby to be born into this crazy a-s family

Nathan: leave

Nkem: you are not exactly a morning person
Nathan: I brought you breakfast you might want to brush first

Nkem: you sound nervous
Nathan: I do?

Nkem: am off to the bathroom. ” hmmmmn, breakfast in bed I could get used to it, I still can’t believe we kissed again last night, but what does that make us, I don’t know. ****steps out of the bathroom after brushing***. So what’s for breakfast
Nathan: pancakes

Nkem: yeah!!!!!, my personal favourite
Nathan: so, can I ask you something?
Nkem: before I eat?

Nathan: maybe
Nkem: OK
Nathan: I know am shitty, this family maybe abnormal you deserve the best and all but…..
Nkem: wait is that a proposal?
Nathan: no, shut up, you deserve the best and all but am going to be selfish when it comes to you I can become a better person for you, oh God am blabbering, can you just forget all the blabbering and be my girlfriend?
Nkem: **chuckles**. Short of words
Nathan: you have that much effect on me
Nkem: yeah I will be your girlfriend
Nathan: seriously that was easier then I thought*** lifts her up and kissed her***
Nkem: why postpone the inevitable

****** door opens*******

Trini:*****squeals***** finally I have been waiting for this day to come
Nathan: mom were you eavesdropping
Trini: not really I just overheard your conversation

*** jasmine and cedrick enters***

Jasmine: oh my God my brother finally got some

Nathan: where is my car key jasmine
Jasmine: chill I will hand it over, mom don’t you think you are missing something?
Trini: what could that be
Jasmine: look at the wall
Nathan: jas

Trini: oh my God, this pictures are all hers, they are so cute, since when have you been gathering this

Cedric: since forever
Trini: Cedric you knew all this while and u didn’t tell me about it when I was gushing about how much I wanted them to be together
Cedric: you didn’t ask me if he liked her, you only told me you wanted them to be together
Trini: what’s the difference
Cedric: the difference is that you didn’t ask
Nathan: whatever, you guys should leave my room, all of you

Nkem: don’t be like that
Nathan: ****whines***I need time alone with you

Trini: fine, Nkem you owe me the details
Nkem: really?
Nathan: I feel sorry for you
Nkem: I need to eat am hungry
Nathan: I will just freshen up
Nkem: you are not eating?
Nathan: no am good.

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