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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Ok girls, am going ova to matt’s room, u can meet me dere.

PATTY: are we playing scrabble?
NKEM: yeah, bring becks along
NKEM: matty
MATT: Whatsup boo bear
NKEM: anoda pet name?

MATT: jst for u babe
NKEM: morning jackson
JACKSON: ahhhhh, atlast she noticed dat dere are actually three people in dis room
NKEM: or two

MATT: ok baby enough with the fights he jst stepped on u he didn’t kill ur dad.

NKEM: he would be my best friend for life, if he killed the b-----d

FRED: looks like am not d only one she hates
NKEM: can u mind ur business?

FRED: I would love to, but u are patty’s friend so, we are gonna have to get along
PATTY: awesome

When exactly did she get here
NKEM: where is becks

PATTY: talking to Johnson, he started calling her when u left but had to come over bcos she refused to pick up
MATT: trouble in paradise?

PATTY: u can say dat
Jst den becky walked in
BECKY: gud afternoon everyone, can we play dat scrabble now?

JACKSON: let’s play dirty truth or dare instead, dat way we will get to know each oda beta
NKEM: it does not have to be dirty truth or dare
JACKSON: we are adults

FRED: she’s virgin Mary, she hates talkin dirty
NKEM: wateva

PATTY: ok, let’s use dis bottle, I will spin. Ok matt
MATT: what
PATTY: it’s on u
MATT: y does it have to be me first
PATTY: ask d bottle
MATT: alrite shoot
PATTY: Truth or dare
MATT: Truth

PATTY: have u always been a fu-Ckboy
MATT: am not a fu-Ckboy

BECKY$NKEM: yes u are
JACKSON: he’s not

NKEM: Answer d question already
MATT: dying to know sunshine?

NKEM: you wish

MATT: yeah, so it’s my turn now
Spins d bottle and it landed on patty, seems what goes around comes around

PATTY: what?, u cheated it’s not supposed to land on me

MATT: HAHAHAHA, tell dat to d bottle, wow, life is so sweet. Truth or dare
PATTY: UUUUHMMM, truth perhaps
MATT: Ever been f----d

NKEM: are u still a virgin is more appropriate
FRED: it’s dirty truth or dare

PATTY: dare
MATT: what
PATTY: I switch to dare
MATT: OK, I dare u to say d truth.
Everybody in the burst into uncontrollable laughter

PATTY: u are so pathetic, yeah.
MATT: what
PATTY: duh, d answer is yes, am not Nkem
NKEM: what, am not a virgin
FRED: sounds enticing, I hate f-----g virgins
NKEM: what was dat supposed to mean
FRED: what u heard

NKEM: am done, am not playing anymore
PATTY: no one is backing out now, u are guys are cheaters

JACKSON: sorry sweet, u and matt were jst unlucky

MATT: Nop, I was really lucky
FRED: let’s all go out
NKEM: count me out
JACKSON: everyone is coming.

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