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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 13
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I entered the throne hall, masking
my smiling face with an
expressionless one. I can’t let
her have a hint of my plans.
“Look at my handsome son-in-
She smiled brightly.

I reciprocated with a false smile.
She looked at me all over and
She gasped
Queen Bella stood up from her
father’s throne and gave me a

“You are even more muscular
than last time I saw you”
She said, pulling away from me.
We settled down on the small
chairs. A maid poured me wine
and I sipped it.
“How is my beautiful wife to
I asked

“Oh! she’s doing great.
Though she’s been emotional
about the banishment of Oreva.
But I can assure you that she’s
over him and can’t wait for
your marriage!!”
she said, her golden earrings
dangling and shining.
Very soon, they will be mine.
I’ll make sure I strip her and all
other royalty off their titles and
their possessions before
banishing them too, as soon as I
become the King.

I smirked in my mind at the
thought of Oreva’s banishment.
Good riddance!!!
“That’s good to hear.
Unno….I was kind of hoping Bella
and I can spend some time alone
getting to know each other”
I said, twirling the goblet in my

She stood up immediately,
“That’s a very wonderful idea.
Just wait here!! Let me go tell her
to get dressed to meet you” she
rushed out her words.
I was a bit surprised she didn’t
tell me why Bella was admitted

into the palace Infirmary. She was
so exicited about me marrying
her child!

oh my god, this is so exciting!!
“I’ll be waiting My Queen” I
said softly.

She clapped her hands like a little
child and exited her throne hall.
I laughed at her foolishness and
drank from the goblet.

Looking around the throne hall.
I can’t wait to own this

There is a golden bowl with
different fruits in it, sitting
majestically on a small stool.
The Throne had specks of
silverand gold designing it, the
cloth covering it woven with the
finest linen ever seen.

This whole place speaks wealth.
And I can’t wait to rule this

Very soon
Very soon I say, I’ll be the –
King Of Babylon!

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