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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Bella’s POV

I was in my room, looking out
through the window. My eyes
scanned the beautiful Babylonian

My world was upside down! The
pain in my heart refused fade

What pain?
The pain of being far away from a
loved one. I missed Oreva!
I missed our talks and his
heartfelt kisses.

I missed his laughter and
charming smile that almost
blinded me the very first day I set
my eyes on him.

I missed the times we spent
together. They are lovely
memories! But I lost him!
I couldn’t save the one I love
because I was weak and
powerless. And if I could turn
back the hands of time just a
little, then I would change my
status as a princess and be a
normal girl just to be with Oreva.
But it was impossible to turn back
the hands of time.

My well constructed plan failed! It
failed despite risking my life by
cutting my left palm.


I opened my eyes slowly,
observing my surrounding
through my sightly blurred vision.
“My princess!” Someone

I turned my head towards the
direction of the voice. Ademide
was there. She flashed me a
bright smile.
Oh! I was in the Palace Infirmary!
“How are you feeling?” She

I sat up and looked down at my
left palm. A white bandage was
wrapped around it. And I recalled
how i ended up in the infirmary.
My plans!

“I’m fine” I muttered
“Good to hear, My Princess”
Ademide grabbed a chair nearby
and sat close to the bed.
“So tell me, why did you try to

hurt yourself?” She asked
I avoided her gaze and stared into

I’ve known Ademide since I was
a little girl. I was close to her even
before she became the Head of
Palace Physicians. She was a
skilled physician. She was
extremely a good company. I
always visit the Infirmary
whenever am bored in my
chamber and Sometimes I help
her out in the Infirmary when
there is too much work for her
and her team to handle.

Ademide was calm, intelligent
and knowledgeable. She was
always interested in anything i
had to say. She could be funny
but sometimes strict at some
levels. Ademide was the nicest
among the palace officials. And it
was just nice to always be with

She placed her hand on mine.
“Is there something bothering
My Princess?”
She asked

“Ade..i’m fine” I withdrew
my hand and She stared at me.
“No, you’re hiding
something” She poked my side.
I contemplated if I should tell her
about My plans because I doubted
if Ade would support it. I knew it
wasn’t the best but I had no
option. I was desperate to see
Oreva Again.
“Can I leave now?” I asked
after I decided that I wouldn’t
disclose my plans to Ademide.
“You can’t leave My princess”
she said

I arched my brows
“You need to get well”
“I’m not sick” I rolled my

“My princess, you can’t
She repeated
I hopped out of bed immediately
and Ade stood up at the same
“The Queen ordered that I
shouldn’t let you leave here”
she said
“What?” I gasped
“I’m sorry” she bowed
No! I can’t stay here! I need to
work on my plans!
“Ade let me leave, I’ll be back
in twenty minutes” I pleaded
Feigning a sad look.

“I can’t go against the Queen
orders” She said
“I don’t f-----g care about my
mother’s orders!” I snapped
at her. Annoyance clear in my
tone. Staying in the infirmary
would prevent me from
executing my plans. And I can’t
let that happen.
I strode towards the door.
“You can’t leave -” she
blocked my pathway.

“Step aside Ademide” I gritted
“I’m sorry My Prin -”
“It’s an order!” I snarled
But she didn’t move away.
Ademide folded her arms and
stared at me.
“You’re hurting yourself
because of Oreva. Tell me what
are you up to?” she mumbled
Tears pooled in my eyes.
“Step..aside” I muttered
“No, I have to obey the Queen.
And Princess Bella hurting
yourself won’t bring oreva
back. See the reality, try to face it
and accept it that he’s gone.
And he may never return to
Babylon” she said in a tight

Her words stirred up anger within
me and without thinking, I
slapped her.

I was so disappointed in her. How
could she say such things to me?
I saw her as a confidant, so I
expected that she should be on
my side!

“Don’t you dare talk to me like
that again! And you’re only
saying this because you are not in
love! And no man will ever show
you love because you’ll spend
your whole life in this d--n
infirmary!” I shouted.

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