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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I watched a tear dropped down
her right cheek.

Good! She won’t be able to stop

I shoved Ademide aside and
moved out of the room. No one
will ever stop me from executing
my plans!

I motioned towards the empty
room i had hid my bag the day
before. My plan was to leave the
palace without anyone finding
out. Since my mom won’t let
me out of my room without her
consent, so I decided to hurt
myself knowing that I would end
up In the infirmary and then use
that chance to escape.
Good Plans!

I searched my bag to see if my
stuffs was intact..And Yes it was
just the way i had kept it there. I
changed the billowy gown into a
more comfortable outfit that
would make me move fast. A
Black Jean and red Top. I ran a
comb through my hair and put it
up in a bun before throwing a
scarf around my head. I don’t
want to attract the guards
around. I hope I don’t get

I intend to travel to the “Land Of
Enchantia”, the home of
“Witches and Wizards”. Magic
was not forbidden in Enchantia
like Babylon. Every Magical
creature was permitted to dwell
in that kingdom. I studied the
map, it would take me three days
and nights to get to Enchantia. I
need a witch to help me
communicate with Oreva.
I want him!

I want so many things!
I want to be far away from this
Kingdom! I don’t want to be a
princess! It sU-Cks!

I want to find Oreva! I want to be
with my Heartthrob!
Maybe I might find him in
Enchantia because he once told
me that he would like to visit

Enchantia in the future.

I hope I succeed in finding Oreva!
I moved out of the room into the
silent hallway. It was getting late,
a perfect time to leave the palace
without being noticed by guards.
Laughter erupted behind Me,
palace guards! And I slid into the
nearest door without thinking
‘who owns this room?’
“Who are you?” A croaked
voice said behind me.
Oh Goodness! Someone was in
this room!

“Who are you?!” The
masculine voice asked
What do I do?

My heartbeat rapidly as he came

“Show yourself!” He yelled
I heard the sound of him
withdrawing a sword.
Sword?! No I don’t wanna die!
I turned to face him and I gasped.
It was Darius. My mother trusted
palace Guard!

His eyes widened in shock.
“Princess Bella” he said
putting his sword back in place
I placed a finger on my lips to
silence him.
He frowned.

“What are you doing in my
room?” He asked, as his gaze
moved to the bag that clung to
my chest.

Darius wore a thoughtful
“Err..I..I -” I stuttered
“Are you trying to leave the
palace?!” He blurted
My head snapped up
Now I’m in trouble!
“No..I..I..Was -”
He snatched my bag
“Hey! Bring that back -” he
sidestepped me and searched my
bag. He didn’t listen to what I
was saying about him being Rude
to me.

“Oh! I’m right” He flashed
me a wicked grin
“You wanted to leave the palace
to find Oreva in Enchantia” He
said as he looked at the map. He
must have seen the black mark on

“Guards!” He screamed
I panicked

Three Guards rushed in. They
were surprised to find me in his

“How come you didn’t see the
princess come in here?!” He
They exchanged glances.
“Take her to the throne hall”
he ordered
Two guards grabbed my upper
arms while Darius threw my bag
to the last guard.
“Let me go!” I struggled when
they seized me.
“Hey! You don’t have to treat
me like a criminal!” I screamed
but no one listened to me until
we got to the throne hall.

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