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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 17
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I saw Ademide kneeling in front
of the throne. My mom stopped
talking immediately we came in
“What’s going on? Bella?”
She shot me a Comfused look.
Darius stepped forward.
“My Queen, she was trying to
leave the palace” he said as the
guard dropped my bag in front of

I watched my mom do the wide
“How did you find her?” She
“She slipped into my mom while
hiding from the guards on
patrol” Darius answered.
She looked at me
“Bella,tell me this is not true”
Her voice quivered
I have to defend myself. I can’t
tell her I planned to sneak out of

“Did you really try to sneak out
of the palace?!” She snarled
“No mother! I was heading to
Lele’s Chamber” I lied
Lele was my childhood friend. Her
grandfather Sir Feathers was a
close friend to my grandpa (King
Emmanuel) who was the King of
Darius Huffed before pouring out
the content in my bag.
“You were heading to lele’s
place, then why did you avoid the
palace guards?”
He asked
“I was scared my mother would
scold me for leaving infirmary to
Lele’s place” I answered
Fear not Bella
I chanted in my mind.

“What about the extra
clothes?” He questioned
“do you expect me to wear
Lele’s clothes when I have
enough?!” I hissed
“And the packed food?” He
asked again
“I wanted to share with Lele!”
I snapped

Well, atleast I have to defend
myself to avoid Mother’s
punishment for leaving infirmary
without her consent and for
disobeying her orders to stay in

the infirmary.
“Mother don’t listen him. I
was -”

“Princess Bella, what about this
Map?” He raised the Map up.
My heartbeat accelerated.
“My Queen there a black point
on Enchantia in this Map. So it is
obvious that the princess wanted
to leave the Palace to Enchantia”
Darius said

No..No..this can’t be happening!
My mom gasped in shock when
she collected the map from him.
She looked at it to confirm Darius

I closed my eyes and clenched my
fists. D--n you Darius!
“You wanted to find Oreva!”
She gritted

And my mom was standing in
front of me when I reopened my

I could see the Anger in her

I know am in Trouble! Big
trouble! And no one is going to
save me from my mother’s

“You didn’t obey the orders I
gave to Ademide because you
wanted to find Oreva! How long
have you been planning this
escape?!” She slapped me
Tears.. I felt them in my eyes.

“Mother –”
“I told you to get over your
feelings for that fool!” She
snarled and hit me again.
My cheeks burned from the hits.
“You disobeyed me! And you
didn’t think of what
punishment I would pass out on
Ademide. I thought she let let you
go on purpose! -” She yelled and
hit my again.

My mother groaned in frustration
as she walked back to her throne.
I looked at Ademide and our gaze
locked but she looked away. I
flinched at the pain i saw in her
eyes. At that moment I recalled
the harsh words I said to her in
the Infirmary. I went too hard on
her. Will she ever forgive me? For
saying those words to her and for
hitting her?!

You disobeyed me Bella, and for
this reason you are grounded till
the day you tied the knot with
Prince Clinton” She passed out
her judgment.

“Mother!” I gasped out
“My Queen please pardon My
princess” Ademide bowed
“No, Ademide you can leave”
My mother said
“You can’t do this to me
Mother!” I cried
“I’m really doing this and am
not to changing my mind!” She

I knew her words was final and
there was no arguing with her.
Everyone knows my mother, she
never back out on her words.
Ademide raised her head.
“Long live the Queen” she
bowed before walking out of the

“Darius assign guards to watch
her chamber. And give her the
proper punishment if she refuses
to comply” she said
“Yes My Queen” He bowed
“Mother..This is unfair -”
I sad shakily.

Tears flowing uncontrollably.
“Grow up Bella and do what I
want by doing what is good for
our kingdom!” She said

Darius gestured to the guards.
They seized me again but jerked

“I’m not criminal! I can walk
on my own!” They stepped back
“Make sure she doesn’t leave
her room” she added
Darius flashed me a wicked grin.

I turned and walked out of the
hall in a close run.
I hate Darius!

I hated my mother for treating
me like a commoner and for
everything she’s did to Oreva.
Because now I will never get to
see him again. I’m grounded till
my wedding to Prince Clinton.
Escape Mission Failed!


So my plan to travel to Enchantia
failed. And now, here I am, locked
up in my room, guards watching
on the outside. I’m grounded!
Someone please save me.
My door opened and I heard
someone walked in.
“Oyin, I’m not in the mood for
my dance lessons now”
I said, thinking it was my
personal maid.

Someone sneered behind me and
I turned, frowning as I saw the
person I was not in the mood to

She moved closer
“So you’ve been avoiding your
dance classes”
“Yes, that’s because I’m not
in the mood for any stupid
dance” I snapped
She snorted
“All because of somethimg that
is not even here. And he’s never
coming back to this Kingdom!”
“That’s because you banished
him when he did nothing

“I have to protect my

“Kingdom? All you know is just
this Kingdom?! What about my
own feelings?! Don’t I deserve
to be happy too?” I snifled
“I love Oreva” I muttered
“I don’t care” she snapped
I stared at her in disbelief and
tears flowed. I sat on my bed

She doesn’t care about me. She
was only concerned about her

“Accept it Oreva is gone. And I
won’t watch you destroy
yourself because of him!” She
“Why?..Why..don’t you
She hissed
“Prince Clinton is here to see
you. He’s waiting In the throne

“Are you really going to marry
me off to that greedy and wicked
prince?” I sobbed
“Clinton is not greedy and
wicked. He’s a nice man,
obviously better off than Oreva
the Wizard” she said
disgustingly when she mentioned

“I don’t love him. I don’t
want Prince Clinton”
She sighed and sat beside me,
stroking my hair.

“Sweetheart, Oreva isn’t
meant for you. And royal blood
doesn’t run through his veins
plus I don’t want a wizard as an
In – law” She Said
“Oreva is a good man”
“I don’t like wizards or any
magical creature. His kind is
forbidden in my kingdom”
I withdrew in anger
“Do you hate him that much?”
“I want the best for you Bella”
“Oreva is the best man for me”
She stood up, her cold look back
on her face.

“Don’t you dare mention
Oreva in this palace again!
You’re getting married to Prince

“I don’t love Clinton!”
“You listen to me when I talk!
Prince Clinton is my final choice
for you!”
She strode towards the door and i

“Will you ever give me the
chance to make decisions of my

“Be in the throne hall in five

Then she turned and walked

I sank further into my bed and
sobbed. I was deeply heart

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