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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Creva P. O. V
“Ahhhh” I yelled as I held my
Tom, esther and dandy stopped
to look at me
“Walking won’t do guys, I
have to try a transportation
spell” I said
“Wait you have that? And I’ve
been walking for bout an hour
Wow you’re really annoying
creva”ezther commented
“Shut up I gotta concentrate to
get it right aside that a
transportation spell can be very
It can take us to a lion’s den if
we’re not careful enough”
I said
“We or you?
Baby boy don’t put us in your
mess pls” tom seethed
I frowned as I tried the spell
“lorem quattuor ad regiam
I chanted, we all felt a force as we
found ourselves in the Queen’s
“Ohh no lion’s den”Esther
“One day I’ll twist your mouth

Dandy replied her
“Shhhhsh guys
Can you hear that ”
I asked as they all kept quiet to
“My goodness that’s bella
screaming ”
I yelled as we ran up the stairs
There were no guards at all which
is awkwardly strange
We ran into the palace
The scene wasn’t beautiful at all
Bella was suffering in pain
whimpering on the floor .
The queen knelt down stucked as
tears fell down her face
Clinton suddenly looked up at me
“Well! Well! Well! Look who
finally joined us”
Clinton said
He already left bella
She felt better gradually then
looked at my face
She looked so pale and weak
I looked back at clinton
“You’ll stop all this right
I said in a command tone
“You sound like a cat even

though you said that with every
boldness you can capture
You’re a fool ”
He said then tried to cast a spell
Esther smiled
“No one told me we’re coming
to fight this slim dummy with no
flesh or blood
No worries I can still sU-Ck
This is gonna be easy”
She muttered then sped off to
Clinton before I could yell
“esther don’t ”
She hsd already be stuck with a
spell Clinton casted on her
“Ohh boy
Why can’t I move ”
She yelled trying to free herself
Her face was already red
I heard a growl from behind. Its
“Don’t ”
I yelled again but it was too late,
she also got stuck with a spell
“Are you girls just randomly
stupid or unwise ”
I muttered
“Dandy take the women
Run as fast as you can”
Dandy can run so fast as well
So he nodded then sped like a

He took bella then her mom
I had already loosened the spell
on her
I faced Clinton as dandy ran out
“You think you can take me
Clinton said
“I don’t think, I know”
I said then threw a spell ball at
He dodge
He formed some balls in his
hands again then I dodge
“What are we playing here ?
Dodge balls?? ” esther teased
Is she seriously in her senses
I said as I ran from clinton’s
“Guards get him”
He ordered

I ran behind a pillar as I chanted
some spells to stop the guards
Ohh this is gonna be tough
I muttered

Bella P. O. V

The guy was so fast that I could
hardly feel my feet
“Stop! ”
I yelled
He stopped then looked at me
“I can’t go on”
I added then tucked my hair into
my ear
“We have to get out of here
Can’t you see cl!ton is crazy”
My mom said trying to hold my
I jerked it off
“So are you!
I hate you mom
See what you’ve caused
You banished the man I love
cause he had magic not knowing
your so called prince Clinton also
had magic and now he is using it
for evil

I won’t go on
I won’t escape like a coward
I’m gonna fight with Creva
I can’t have him paying for the
mistakes he didn’t commit
I’d rather die with him than live
with you ”
I tried to go but she held my hand
“I’m sorry bella
I thought everyone that had
magic were bad people
I’m sorry for thinking like I did
I’m sorry for hurting you so

But now I accept creva for you
If we pass through this I’ll bless
the both of you”
She said
I chuckled
“Ma’am you don’t need to
You’re not needed anymore
I’m gonna marry creva even if
you say no
And newsflash he saved your life
so you owe him your entire life

I said then ran back to the palace
The guy followed leaving just my
I can’t just leave knowing that
crava is in there fighting a
We ran into the palace
“Bella you have to take things
easy ”
He said
“Whatever ”
I muttered then ran Into the

The two girl with creva were now
stuck just like my mom earlier
I looked around just to find crava
on the floor
He looked pale and sour
“Creva!! ”
I yelled
I tried to run to him but a force
pulled me back
“You’re gonna be my wife so

The guy with me tried to do
something but another force held

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