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Magic of love - Season 1 - Episode 21
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The guy with me tried to do
something but another force held
He quickly changed into a
sparkling blue light like a light
bug so he was able to excape the
grip of the guards
But Clinton was smart enough to
trap him into a glass can with
He got shut in
Clinton laughed evilly
He yelled
“Crev you’re finally gonna die
But first i’ll take your powers
Those powers that makes you
feel so special
I’ll take them all”
He laughed evilly as Crava winced
in pain
I breathe out evily as the guards
held my hands

The two girls were now so calm
with pathetic looks
Everyone remained pathetic
No one was gonna help
Clinton chanted with his eyes
His chants became heavier as
wind began to blow things away
The sky became dark
We could hardly see each other
Clinton’s voice became harder
He directed his hands to creva
I closed my eyes, is this how its
gonna be ?
Is this how its all gonna end up
looking like ?

Clinton is just gonna win?
Clinton is just gonna take over the

Enslave everyone in it and I’m
gonna become his sex toy?

No! This can’t happen
Then suddenly a light appeared
from no where
Just right in front of Clinton and
We all stared to look as we found
out its a person holding a mirror
All the spell backfired to Clinton
He fell on the floor groaning in

Finally I was free
The two girls were also set free
from the spell
The guy flew out of the glass can
Creva slowly stood up
I ran to him

He hugged me
My mom saved us?

I thought as I saw the mirror with
She smiled faintly
“I’m sorry my baby
I’m sorry creva”
She said
I smiled then hugged her
If not for her, we all would have
been dead by now
cl!ton tried to stand up but he
“What have you guys done to
He yelled

Darius came out
He tried to excape but creva was
fast to hold him down
We laughed
“Awwn you’re really cute in
person ”
One of the girls said to me really
“So can I feed on them I’ve
been craving for humans blood
since like forever so?? ”
She pleaded

Creva cautioned
Its not like you have something
better to do with them anyways

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